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Government of Manitoba
Sustainable Development

TomorrowNow – Manitoba’s Green Plan is the government’s eight-year strategic plan for protecting the environment while ensuring a prosperous and environmentally conscious economy.  The plan sets out actions around the following five key priorities:

  • Good for Our Environment – Good for Our Economy
  • Changing Our Ways for a Changing Climate
  • Safeguarding our Water, Air and Land
  • Nurturing Our Living World
  • Mobilizing Manitobans

In June 2014, the province released a stronger green plan following feedback on the initial version released in June 2012.  This new version incorporates Manitobans’ feedback, with an enhanced focus on the health of Lake Winnipeg, climate change and parks and protected areas.  It also includes items that were developed to better address recent issues and opportunities facing Manitoba’s environment.

TomorrowNow - Manitoba's Green Plan

TomorrowNow – Manitoba’s Green Plan

TomorrowNow - Manitoba's Green Plan

Vert L'Avenir - Plan Écologique du Manitoba


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