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Wildlife Branch


2013-2014 Minister's Message

Minister Gord MackintoshThis past year, Manitoba trappers experienced some of the highest fur prices in recent memory, including prices for muskrat and marten. These values are very encouraging as they economically benefit communities and ensure that the tradition of trapping continues. In addition to these economic benefits, trappers provide a valuable service to society by reducing conflicts between people and several species of wildlife including beaver, coyote, raccoon, and wolf.

Trappers and others who use Crown lands, particularly high public use areas like Provincial Parks, should be aware that these areas are shared by many other users. This past winter, the department began a review of trapping in high-use Crown lands with the intent of maintaining trapping opportunities while introducing measures to safeguard the public. We continue to encourage trappers to take measures such as flagging or posting the area in which you trap to alert others that there is "active trapping in the vicinity."

I wish Manitoba's trappers continued success in the coming season.


Gord Mackintosh
Minister of Conservation and Water Stewardship