Your EFAP counsellor will assist you with any personal and work-related concerns that may be affecting your physical and emotional well-being.  Individual, couple, and family counselling is available to help you deal with concerns such as:

Trauma Management

Following a critical incident in the workplace, such as an assault, robbery or serious  accident, employees will often have physical, behavioural, or cognitive/emotional reaction(s) within 24 hours of the incident.

Symptoms can include deterioration in physical and psychological health leading to reduced performance levels and absenteeism.  Some individuals will have critical incident stress symptoms for up to a year after the incident.

Your EFAP takes a proactive approach to trauma management by working with employees or employee groups following a critical incident in the workplace in order to minimize adverse reactions to the event.

Conflict Resolution

Facilitated discussions or formal mediations can help employees, managers, and work teams to resolve conflict in a respectful and productive manner. Our counsellors have extensive experience in mediation and conflict resolution and act as a neutral third party in a voluntary process. We can help with various types of conflict including:

Your EFAP is available to: