Support for Managers

Coaching and Consultations

Managers are often a central support to employees experiencing problems that may impact job performance. EFAP provides coaching to managers on a wide variety of sensitive employee issues such as:


EFAP Referrals

Managers are central to assisting employees in working through any personal or work issues that may be impacting on an employee’s work performance. Managers sometimes refer an employee to the EFAP. This is on a voluntary basis. A referral is a reminder to the employee that the EFAP is available to assist them with work or personal concerns. Managers can refer employees to the EFAP by:

Referring an employee to EFAP can work to the advantage of both the employee and the workplace.


Workplace Assessment

Problems can exist and quickly escalate in a workplace often compromising the goals and integrity of the organization. Symptoms of organizational problems include:

EFAP can assist your workplace in identifying solutions to issues by facilitating a work group process.


Tools for Managers