Employee and Family Assistance Program


Your EFAP team believes that achieving and maintaining wellness is important to your quality of life. To support your wellness, your EFAP offers various wellness services and resources to help you improve your health and well-being. We have an extensive library of educational material on a variety of mental health & wellness related topics available at our Winnipeg office.

Your EFAP also offers the following wellness services and resources:


Wellness Presentations

Upon request, your EFAP team is available to provide one to three hour personal and professional development presentations on a variety of topics. Available presentations include:

Click here (178KB pdf) for a printer friendly list of EFAP presentations that are available to you year round.


We also provide referrals to helpful community resources.


Wellness Self Assessment


EFAP Brochures

EAP Brochure (pdf)

EFAP Brochure

(175KB pdf)
Critical Incident Factsheet (pdf)

Critical Incident Factsheet

(380KB pdf)
Anxiety Brochure (pdf)


(471KB pdf)
Communication Brochure (pdf)

(470KB pdf)
Conflict Brochure (pdf)


(469KB pdf)
Gossip Brochure (pdf)


(491KB pdf)
Loss and Grief Brochure (pdf)

Loss and Grief
(492KB pdf)
Parenting Brochure (pdf)


(462KB pdf)
Self Harm (pdf)

Self Harm

(153KB pdf)