Executive Support

The Executive Support provides for the management and direction of the Civil Service Commission and manages the activities of the Civil Service Commission Board.

More specifically we:

  1. Provide executive policy direction for, and coordination of, Civil Service Commission programs.
  1. Advise the government, through the Minister Responsible, on human resource management issues in government.
  1. Provide advisory, consulting and administrative services to the Civil Service Commission Board.
  1. Initiate the development and formulation of government human resource policy and programs.
  1. Monitor and support the implementation of the Government's diversity and employment equity program.
  1. Maintain comprehensive Regulations, in cooperation with the Labour Relations Division of Treasury Board Secretariat, Department of Finance, regarding conditions of employment.

Civil service renewal (revitalizing the civil service)

The Civil Service Renewal Strategy is the most comprehensive, collaborative and sustained effort that has been undertaken to identify and resolve human resource issues in the Manitoba Government.  The goals of the strategy are:

  1. Renewal – Working for the Manitoba Government is a rewarding and attractive career
  2. Sustainability – good service is maintained despite turnover and change
  3. Diversity – greater representation exists at all levels in the civil service
  4. Clarity – accountability for people development and leadership is clear

A nine-member Deputy Minister Advisory Committee on Human Resources, chaired by the Civil Service Commissioner, guides of the implementation of the strategy.  See Internship, Equity and Employee Development Programs and New Professionals Workshop for additional information on some of the of initiatives undertaken as a result of this strategy.