Organization and Staff Development

Organization and Staff Development helps leaders at all levels solve problems, improve organizational effectiveness and develop staff resources to provide better public service.

More Specifically we:

  1. Offer a variety of scheduled workshops in the areas of:  leadership and management; interpersonal skills; oral and written communications skills; and personal development skills.  These workshops are held both in Winnipeg and in rural areas.

  2. Provide customized and in-house group training to meet the specific needs of your program area.

  3. Provide consulting and facilitation services in several areas, including but not limited to:  planning, organizational change, team building, and workplace restoration.

  4. Provide assistance in identifying your organization and staff development needs and recommendations to meet associated training requirements.

  5. Deliver learning and development programs in support of the Manitoba Civil Service Renewal Strategy.

For more information visit Organization and Staff Development on the Internet or call (204) 945-2276, TDD/TTY:  204-945-1437.