Principles & Policies for Managing Human Resources

2.5.4.  Access To Selection Information


The Manitoba government strives to maintain transparency in its selection processes and supports the growth and development of employees. 

Candidates who have been notified they were unsuccessful in a competition may request reasons for non-selection or interview feedback.



Reasons for non-selection or interview feedback is an opportunity to support a candidate’s growth and development as well as help them improve for future competitions.

Public bodies are subject to the provisions within The Freedom of Information & Protection of Privacy Act and The Personal Investigations Act to release certain information upon request.

Collective Agreements may further outline the obligation to provide reasons for non-selection.



When providing reasons for non-selection, selection board chairs are expected to:

When possible and/or appropriate, the hiring manager may participate in the post-board/interview feedback process. Candidates may invite a representative/witness to attend the meeting with them.

When requesting reasons for non-selection, a candidate may also ask the selection board chair to provide:

This request should be provided by the selection board chair.

A letter outlining written reasons shall be provided upon request of the candidate. The letter must be consistent with the verbal discussion and should be reviewed with at least one other member of the selection board to ensure that it represents the consensus view of the board members.


Effective Date: December 4, 2014

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