Principles & Policies for Managing Human Resources


2.2.2  Outreach Recruitment

Outreach recruitment is a strategic recruitment method to promote the Manitoba government as an employer of choice and to inform potential candidates of available and upcoming opportunities.


Managers and HR practitioners are encouraged to conduct outreach recruitment to attract qualified candidates.



  • Write job opportunity advertisements in language that is easy to understand, inclusive and barrier-free. See also Barrier Free Recruitment Policy 2.2.3.
  • Develop lists related to your job opportunities.  These lists will be referenced and used in the advertising and promotion of future and ongoing recruitment.  Examples:
    • Faculties, or post secondary institutions, organizations, agencies relevant to the jobs in the department and/or community.
    • Locations available to post job opportunities in the community (example:  local bulletin boards).
    • Communities, agencies and associations that serve designated groups.
  • Access broader advertising and promotion including:
    • Advertise in local community newspaper(s)
    • Advertise and/or post on relevant web sites (ex: Kijiji; community sites, etc)
    • Advertise and/or circulate to professional organizations/associations
    • Promote through social media (ex: Linked In, Twitter, Facebook, etc)
    • Promote through radio in remote/northern locations
    • Circulate to post secondary institutions with a relevant faculty for alumni and students using the lists developed under practices.
    • Circulate to post secondary continuing education divisions using the lists developed under practices.
    • Circulate to Aboriginal/disability/visible minority agencies and/or organizations (see community organizations/agencies link below for ideas)
    • Post on bulletin boards in the community (and remove when advertising closes) using the lists developed under practices.
    • Send to community organizations/agencies for posting electronically and/or bulletin board using the lists developed under practices.
    • Post the job advertisement over a longer period of time.  Ten days is the minimum time to post – not the maximum. If posting a job during a time when many people are on vacation – consider extending the closing date.
    • Contact the Civil Service Commission for referrals from:
    • Develop an internship program proposal and submit to the Civil Service Commission’s:
    • Access the Volunteer in Public Service for Visible Minorities and Immigrants Program or the Volunteers in Public Service Program (VIPS)
    • Make arrangements to deliver information sessions when hiring multiple people for a particular job opportunity.  These sessions generate excitement and provide interested candidates information on the job opportunity.  This can also include information on the recruitment and hiring process.  Many agencies will assist in promoting and organizing the event.
    • Promote on-going Outreach - Outreach is more successful when there is a proactive approach to building an ongoing relationship rather than on an as required basis.  Examples are:



Civil Service Commission

  • Review the application of the guideline through the staffing audit process

Human Resource Practitioners and Departments

  • Human resource practitioners and/or department managers use creative outreach recruitment practices to attract applicants.




Effective date: January 1, 2010

Revised: June 9, 2014    


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