Principles & Policies for Managing Human Resources

2.4.5.  Regular Employees In Temporary Positions

Policy Statement

A regular employee may retain regular status when appointed to a temporary position in two circumstances:

  1. When a regular employee accepts a term appointment as a result of re-employment.

  2. When a manager approves a regular employee’s request to retain regular status while appointed to a temporary position and agrees to an employment plan for when the temporary position ends.


The following practices are specific to the second circumstance only.

The hiring department provides the regular employee with a letter documenting the specific nature and duration of the temporary position.

The employee makes a request in writing to his or her current manager to retain regular status.

When determining whether or not to approve an employee request to retain regular status while appointed to a temporary position, a manager considers:

To approve the employee request, the manager develops a written employment plan for signature by a department employing authority and the employee prior to the employee accepting the temporary position.

The employment plan documents what happens when the employee’s appointment to the temporary position ends. It indicates that the employee either returns to his or her previous regular position and classification or to a comparable position and classification.

The employment plan template is available: here. (available only to Internal Employees)

Roles and Responsibilities

Civil Service Commission



Policy effective: December 17, 1997

Amended: April 10, 2014

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