Principles & Policies for Managing Human Resources


2.1.5   Selection Board


Selection boards should be constructed so as to conduct a fair, complete and competent assessment of the candidates.


There should be a minimum of three persons on a selection board, with two being acceptable in exceptional circumstances. For delegated staffing actions, the selection board typically includes a Human Resource Practitioner and the manager and/or supervisor of the position being filled.
The selection board may also include the following persons:


All Selection Board Members

Selection Board Chair/Human Resource Practitioner

Human resource practitioners typically chair the selection board. In some situations a manager may chair the selection board. For a non-delegated staffing action, the selection board is chaired by senior staff of the Civil Service Commission.

Delegated Staffing Authority

Hiring Managers

Civil Service Commission


The Civil Service Act, 5, 12-14, 21, 41
The Manitoba Human Rights Code 12
The Freedom of Information & Protection of Privacy Act
The Personal Investigations Act
Civil Service Commission Minute CSC 8-14/15-12
Civil Service Commission Minute CSC 14-09/10-8


Civil Service Commission

Additional information:

Civil Service Commission
Phone: 204-945-2332



Effective date: June 9, 2014
Revised date: October 7, 2015


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