Principles & Policies for Managing Human Resources

3.2.2.  Social Media Policy


Employee obligations as outlined in the Oath or Affirmation of Office/Allegiance, Employee Network Usage Policy, Conflict of Interest Policy and Values and Ethics Guide apply at all times when using social media.


Social media is a valuable tool for providing information, promoting awareness of Manitoba government programs and services, and engaging with stakeholders and the public.  With social media use becoming increasingly common, there is an expectation that when using social media, employees conduct themselves in a manner consistent with their function and role as Manitoba government employees.


This policy applies to all government employees who use social media for official, employment-related or personal purposes. Social media refers to publicly-accessible Manitoba government and third-party-hosted social media platforms and sites. This includes, but is not limited to, social networks, video and photo file sharing, social bookmarking, blogs, micro-blogs, podcasting, wikis and other similar tools. Social media also refers to freely accessible online tools used to produce, post and interact using text, images, video, and audio to communicate, share, collaborate, or network.


Official Social Media Use

Official social media use refers to use of social media for the purpose of communicating on behalf of a Manitoba government program area. This includes social media accounts with an official Manitoba government avatar or updated by designated government employees.

Authorization from CSM and approval from department executive is required to open an official social media channel.

Please refer to CSM Social Media Guidelines for more information on official use of social media.

Employment-related Social Media Use

Employment-related social media refers to the authorized use of social media as part of job responsibilities by an employee or program area of a department in support of department objectives (e.g. communication with stakeholders or with the public relating to matters of public interest or safety). 
Employees must receive department approval prior to establishing or utilizing a social media account for employment-related purposes. Departments should consult with CSM as part of the approval process.

Personal Social Media Use

Personal social media use refers to an employee’s use of social media for social, educational, professional development, or other purposes unrelated to their employment.  Employees must not use an account name, handle, id, government email or user name that identifies them by their position, job title, or as a Manitoba government employee. 

Note that personal social media accounts, even if used for professional development purposes, must not use a Manitoba government logo, and must not speak or be perceived to speak on behalf of the Manitoba government.

Employees are expected to use caution and discretion when establishing social media contacts or ‘friendships’ with clients.




Human Resource Practitioners




The Public Interest Disclosure (Whistleblower Protection) Act
Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act
The Personal Health Information Act (PHIA)
Employee Network Usage Policy
Values and Ethics Guide
Conflict of Interest Policy
Respectful Workplace and Harassment Prevention Policy
Internet and Social Media Policy
Communications Services Manitoba Social Media Guidelines
Oath or Affirmation of Office/Allegiance


Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat
House of Commons Report on Social Media




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Effective date: September 15, 2015


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