2.0.1.  Staffing Delegation



The Civil Service Commission (CSC) Board may delegate the statutory authority to make appointments to a person who meets the eligibility requirements.  


A person with delegated staffing authority, normally referred to as a delegated staffing officer, has responsibility and accountability for ensuring that staffing actions comply with The Civil Service Act and its regulations, applicable collective agreements, and related legislation, principles and policies.

The delegated staffing officer has the power or authority, as delegated by the Civil Service Commission Board, to sign and thereby authorize any document, paper, minutes or instrument relating to the selection and appointment of personnel.

The delegation of staffing authority supports the delivery of the staffing function with proficiency, integrity, and independence.


  1. Must be currently employed, or has recent experience, as a human resource practitioner within the Manitoba government.

  2. Has Manitoba government staffing experience chairing a broad cross-section of selection boards with varying complexity under the supervision of a human resource practitioner with delegated staffing authority. “A broad cross-section” includes selection boards for a variety of positions (both different classifications and levels), and competition types (for example: regular, term, open/closed/internal).

  3. Has demonstrated a thorough understanding of the Manitoba government’s staffing process and policies.

  4. Has attended the following workshops:
    • Strategic Staffing Skills for HR Practitioners- including prerequisite course: Strategic Staffing Skills: Foundations (online component)
    • Diversity and Inclusion at Work
    • Accommodation Matters

    Has attended other diversity and/or staffing workshops that support ongoing professional development.

  5. Has demonstrated a thorough understanding of the Manitoba government’s diversity strategy, process and policies as it relates to staffing.


The Staffing Delegation Submission Template can be found by visiting: http://www.internal/csc/staffing_toolkit/pdf/staffing_delegation_policy-template.pdf

The applicant will:

The human resource director will:

The corporate program auditor will:

The Civil Service Commission Board will:

The Secretary of the CSC Board will:


When a human resource practitioner with delegated staffing authority is assigned to a department for which they are not an employing authority, the human resource director arranges for the human resource practitioner to receive employing authority from the minister responsible for the department. The human resource director advises the Policy and Programs Branch in writing when the employing authority approval is received. The Policy and Programs Branch amends the delegated staffing authority records accordingly.


Ongoing staffing delegation is conditional upon the delegated staffing officer consistently demonstrating the appropriate application of the delegated staffing authority.

In addition, a delegated staffing officer must attend a professional development course or workshop relating to staffing delivered by the Civil Service Commission at least once every three years. The human resource director and delegated staffing officer are jointly responsible for ensuring this requirement is met.


Human resource practitioner - A human resource practitioner in this policy is defined as anyone accountable for performing the staffing function in accordance with the intent and authorities as listed in the policy and/or is involved in the staffing function from a leadership and/or managerial or supervisory capacity.

Employing authority – As defined by the Financial Administration Manual (and in combination with proper payment authority), employing authority is the authority to carry out certain actions respecting the employment of staff in accordance with The Civil Service Act, the results of which will impact the Consolidated Fund. Such actions commit and encumber funds for payroll, benefits, and other personnel-related costs.

Delegated staffing officer - When the Civil Service Commission Board delegates staffing authority status to an individual, this individual is referred to as a delegated staffing officer. A delegated staffing officer is able to sign and authorize any document, paper, minute or instrument relating to the selection and appointment of personnel (ex: letters of offer, board reports, direct appointments, etc).

A delegated staffing officer is accountable for ensuring all principles, policies and related legislation are upheld in all staffing decisions, in accordance with the staffing delegation agreements and the applicable collective agreements.

A delegated staffing officer can also be referred to as an authorized commission officer or authorized staffing officer.


Manitoba Government Staffing Policies:
Link: http://www.manitoba.ca/csc/policyman/index.html#staffing


The Civil Service Act, subsections 5(3) and 13(1)
Link: http://web2.gov.mb.ca/laws/statutes/ccsm/c110e.php

Civil Service Commission Board Minute # 04-09/10-6.


Effective date: June 11, 2009, Revised February 14, 2013, amended October 9, 2014

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