User Information

A-1 Locating Policies and Related Information

This manual was designed and developed in an interactive electronic format to help users locate new information quickly and easily in several ways:

Each topic is designed to provide only as much information as the user needs to make a decision. In many situations, the Policy statement provides the basis for a decision. If more information is required, users can consult the Question & Answer Section to focus on their specific issues. If further definitions and detail are required, the user refers to highlighted words or authorities.

A-2 Policy Information Format

Each Policy follows a standard format using the following identifiers:

Reference Number appears in the Table of Contents and in the file name. The prefix identifies the Section. Other numbers identify the sub-section and topic. Example: 2.1.1.
Topic identifies the subject as listed in the Table of Contents
Policy Statement states the directive that forms the basis of the entire Policy.
Questions And Answers clarify key points to help managers apply the Policy.
Effective Date indicates the day/month/year the Policy was approved. Any amendments automatically change the effective date.
Review Date indicates the month/year the Policy is subject to review.
Authority lists the legislation, regulations and other authorities that relate to the Policy, including applicable sections of the collective agreements and the Civil Service Commission minute authorizing the Policy.
Comment Boxes provide definitions, examples and additional information as referenced in the Questions And Answers.

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A-3 Content & Organization

Materials within this Policy document have been organized by subject matter into major sections:

Introduction Section: user information
Overview Section: principles, philosophy and legislation which provide the conceptual framework for this manual
Policy Sections: 1 - Human Resource Management and Development Policies and guidelines which integrate all human resource functions and impact on the larger organization.
2 - Staffing Policies and guidelines related to recruitment, assessment, selection and appointment.
3 - Employee Relations Policies related to employee conduct, respectful workplace, dispute resolution, managing the workplace and access to personnel information.
4 - Classification and Compensation Policies related to job evaluation and pay practices as well as benefits information
5 - Employee Health Policies and information related to the Employee Assistance Program, health and wellness.
Reference Section: The Civil Service Act & regulations, collective agreements, Civil Service Commission publications and other reference material.

A-4 Revising and Updating

Policies are reviewed every three years, or earlier as the need arises. The Civil Service Commission welcomes suggestions for Policy revisions. Users are encouraged to check the {What's New} button for the most recent revisions and additions to the manual.

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A-5 Distribution

This manual is accessible via the Intranet and Internet. Hard copy manuals are issued on an interim basis only to Human Resource Directors.

A-6 Copyright and Cataloguing Information

Canadian Cataloguing in Publication Data
Manitoba. Civil Service Commission
Principles and Policies for Managing Human Resources [computer file]
Includes index
ISBN 0-7711-1489-3
1. Personnel management -- Manitoba -- Handbooks, manuals, etc. 2. Civil Service -- Manitoba -- Handbooks, manuals, etc. I.Title.
JL292.M36 1998 352.6'097127 C98-962011-2
Copyright @ 1998 Civil Service Commission

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