Principles & Policies for Managing Human Resources

2.1.1.  Selection Criteria



Selection criteria are the reasonable and bona fide requirements for the safe, efficient and effective performance of assigned work.


Selection criteria are the reasonable and bona fide occupational requirements to ensure that work is performed safely, efficiently and effectively. They are measurable and reflect the needs of the organization articulated in terms of an individual's set of competencies, not limited to: qualifications, knowledge, skills, experience and abilities. The selection criteria must reflect the staffing principles of merit, fairness and equity.


Every staffing action, including direct appointments, must be based on selection criteria. Selection criteria are measurable and may include both essential and desired criteria.


Selection criteria are used for many purposes in the staffing process:

  • To develop screening criteria
  • To prepare the job advertisement
  • To design assessment methods
  • For rating and ranking candidates
  • To guide the selection board in making an objective selection decision
  • To conduct reference checks
  • To provide reasons for non-selection to candidates

In preparation for rating and ranking candidates, the selection board chair ensures that selection criteria are weighted relative to the degree of importance to perform the job. Each criterion is assigned a weight factor that reflects the relative importance to the performance of the job. A weight factor can range between 1 – 10.

Each candidate is assessed against each criterion to assess the degree to which the candidate meets each criterion. The process of measuring the degree to which a candidate meets each criterion is called rating. See also Rating and Ranking Policy 2.4.1.


  • Civil Service Commission
    • Monitor application of the policy through the staffing audit process.
  • Human Resource Practitioners
    • Ensure application of the policy in the staffing process.


Staffing Framework document (internal employees only)


The Civil Service Act, Section 13(1)(2)
Civil Service Regulation 9
The Manitoba Human Rights Code 13(1), 14(1)(2)
Civil Service Commission Minute CSC 14-09/10-6


  1. What are selection criteria?
  2. An essential criterion is a requirement which must be met. It is established by the employer in good faith that it is critical to the safe and efficient performance of the position duties, and in the sincerely held belief that persons without this requirement would not be able to perform the functions of the position to the minimum standards required.

    A desired criterion refers to a qualification which is complementary but which is not critical.

    The relative importance of the criteria is reflected in the weights assigned to each criterion.

  3. When are selection criteria needed?
  4. Every staffing action, including direct appointments, must be based on selection criteria.

  5. Who determines selection criteria?

    Management, in consultation with Human Resources, determine selection criteria.

  1. How do selection criteria differ from screening criteria?
  2. Screening criteria are drawn from the selection criteria. They reflect the minimum requirements of the position and are apparent from reading an applicants cover letter, resumé and/or application. See also Screening Policy, 2.3.1.

  3. How is Employment Equity factored into staffing?
  4. Achieving a representative workforce is an organizational need and therefore Employment Equity is a bona fide selection criterion where one or more of the designated groups are under-represented in the relevant level, class, series or occupation in the department and in government.

    If the selection criterion states that preference or designated will be given to one or several designated groups, Employment Equity is used as a screening criterion.

    The Employment Equity selection criterion is weighted to make a difference.

    The weight reflects the organization's need for a diverse and representative workforce. Employment Equity is a bona fide organizational need and shall be weighted equal to the highest weighted essential criterion. See also Employment Equity in Staffing, 2.1.3.

  5. How is a condition of employment factored into staffing?

    Conditions of employment are absolute requirements stated and assessed upfront in the competition process. Conditions of employment are not measurable and a candidate will either meet or not meet the condition. Not all competitions will include conditions of employment.


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