2.0.0 Facility Standards

Introduction to Volume 2


Volume 2 contains provincial standards as they apply to child caring facilities other than foster homes.
(Note: Standards for foster care are found in Volume 1, Chapter 5 - Foster Care of the Child and Family Services Standards Manual.)
Standards and procedures for child caring facilities are currently in the Facilities Licensing Manual. It came into effect on March 15, 1999 and was last revised effective September 10, 2017.
This section of the manual is available in Adobe PDF format only. It will be continually updated as a separate section but may be reformatted and integrated into the Child and Family Services Standards website/pages at some later date.
If you have question or require additional information regarding child caring facility standards, contact the Director, Child and Family Resources at the (204) 945-6961.
For more information on the status of this project, contact the Director, Authority Relations at (204) 945-3848.

Facilities Licensing Manual

Download the Full Manual (133 pages; PDF 1.48 MB)