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Child and Family Services (CFS) Investments

Keeping children safe, supporting them, and helping them to reach their full potential is a shared responsibility. Usually, this is primarily the job of parents. However, some children and families need assistance, and when they do, these responsibilities are shared among Manitoba's Child and Family Services Division, the four Child and Family Services Authorities, child welfare agencies, and the federal government.

This includes developing a range of child and family services throughout the Province that supports families and children. It can also provide safe care for children apart from families if that is needed. The goal is to promote the healthy development and well‑being of children and families in all of Manitoba's communities.

Over the past several years, Manitoba's child and family services system has grown, as it has responded to community needs. Both the numbers of children and families receiving services, and the range of services and supports have increased. Information about this growth helps to make the services accountable and easier to understand.


Thumbnail - Historical funding increases Historical funding increases
PDF, 129 KB
Thumbnail - Staffing resource increases Number of workers in the system
PDF, 77 KB
Thumbnail - Families Receiving Service Families receiving services
PDF, 45 KB
Thumbnail - Number of children in care Number of children in care
PDF, 45 KB
Thumbnail - Youth over the age of 18 recieving services Youth over the age of 18 receiving services
PDF, 38 KB
Thumbnail - Placement Resources – foster homes, places of safety and residential care Placement Resources - foster homes, places of safety and residential care
PDF, 71 KB
Thumbnail - Hotel placements table
Thumbnail - Winnipeg EPR Hotel placements table
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