About the Manitoba Developmental Centre

Located in Portage la Prairie, the Manitoba Developmental Centre (MDC) was established in 1890 and has experienced many changes over the years. MDC is an accredited residential care facility providing care, supervision and developmental programs for adults with an intellectual disability. The Centre is committed to the principles of resident-centered care and continuous quality improvement. Through the use of an interdisciplinary team, the Centre strives to enhance the quality of life for the Manitobans who reside there. Its mission is to:

  • Support adults with intellectual disabilities in achieving their personal aspirations for independence, meaningful activity, and participation in community life, learning, health and safety in the least restrictive environment.
  • Support adults with an intellectual disability living in the community by providing assessment, consultation and education to care providers related to management of individuals who pose a risk to themselves or others.
  • Provide access to specialized services to individuals living in the community.

Residential units are organized into two areas of specialization which reflect the unique needs of the residents:

  • The Extended Care/Geriatric Program provides care and services for residents who have complex medical conditions and require medical, nursing and therapeutic interventions. The Program also provides convalescent care for medically fragile residents and rehabilitation care for elderly residents.
  • The Habilitation/Specialty Program provides care and services for residents whose behaviours present a risk to themselves, to others or to their environment. The Program also provides specialized services for residents diagnosed with autism, residents who are deaf and/or blind, and for residents requiring support to fully participate in their activities of daily living.

Services provided include: Residential Care; Medical, Dental, Psychiatric, and Psychological care; Speech Language Therapy, Audiology, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Pharmacy, Music Therapy, Clinical Nutrition Services, Social Services, Recreation and Employment Services, Therapeutic Recreation, Outreach Network supports.

At one time, the Centre provided care for over 1,000 residents. At present, the centre provides care to approximately 180 residents and work is underway to transition another 10 residents to community placements within the next year.

New admissions are only accepted for short term placements or through an order from the courts (as set out under The Vulnerable Persons Living with a Mental Disability Act). The Department of Families is working with families, stakeholders, advocates, the Portage la Prairie community and staff of MDC to plan for the future of the Centre.