Health and the Human Spirit

Shaping the Direction of Spiritual Health Care in Manitoba

Health and the Human Spirit: Shaping the Direction of Spiritual Health Care in ManitobaThis strategic plan is in response to the growing awareness that spirituality, or the way a person searches for and finds meaning is part of human wellness. The plan identifies ways in which spiritual health care can become enhanced within the current delivery of health care.

The plan sets out four goals, each with objectives, actions and anticipated outcomes.

The four goals are: 

  • Promotion – raising awareness
  • Education – maximizing opportunities for knowledge-sharing
  • Integration – building spiritual health care service in health care
  • Access – assessing spiritual health needs and enhancing the scope and availability of spiritual health care services.

Health and the Human Spirit represents a commitment to advancing the contribution of spiritual health care in Manitoba. The plan builds on what has been established and envisions a fuller integration of all health care disciplines under the common goal of healing and well-being.

As a Canadian first, this plan is based on the awareness that we as human beings have a physical, mental, social, spirituality reality and that wellness depends on recognition and affirmation of that wholeness in health care.

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