Nurse Practitioner Education Grant (NPEG)

Nurse Practitioners are an integral component of Manitoba’s strategy to ensure all Manitobans have access to primary care. The Nurse Practitioner Education Grant (NPEG) was established in 2013 to encourage Nurse Practitioners to work in rural Manitoba after graduation.

Applications are assessed based on a combination of factors. Preference is given to University of Manitoba graduates, and those who demonstrate a strong commitment to working in a rural community. Current Nurse Practitioner students, and Nurse Practitioners who have graduated over one year ago (as of November 1, 2017) are NOT eligible.

Recipients of the program will receive a one-time conditional grant of $10,000 in exchange for agreement to return one year of service as a Nurse Practitioner with an eligible employer* in a community other than Winnipeg or Brandon. Recipients are responsible for providing proof of having secured their own employment in a community of their choice; eligible return-of-service positions are those 0.6 EFT or greater. For the 2017/18 application year, grant decisions will be made in December 2017 and funds will be paid by February 2018.

* Eligible employer means the Province of Manitoba or an employer that receives funding or financial support from the Province of Manitoba. This includes, but is not limited to, any Regional Health Authority. Private, fee for service, and facilities that are federally funded – such as First Nation communities, are not eligible.

For more information, contact:

Manitoba Health, Seniors and Active Living at 1-877-681-4983