Middle Childhood and Adolescent Development (MCAD)

The Healthy Child Manitoba Strategy works towards achieving the best possible outcomes for Manitoba's children with respect to their:

(a) physical and emotional health;
(b) safety and security;
(c) learning success; and
(d) social engagement and responsibility.

The developmental and social changes that occur for school-age children and youth are dramatic – it is a time of significant growth and development. These developmental changes and transitions are opportunities for communities to support the healthy development of children and youth.

Providing children and youth with access to quality programs helps support their healthy development during these critical years.   

The Healthy Child Manitoba Strategy supports with the work of community partners to provide several programs and services for children, youth, and their families.

Middle Childhood Programming: Emphasis is on school-age children ages 6-12

Adolescent Programming: Target age group is 13-18. This includes all of the periods of adolescent development:

Early Adolescence (10 - 14)
Middle Adolescence (14-16)
Late Adolescence (16-19)


A partnership of:

Manitoba Education and Training • Manitoba Families • Manitoba Health, Seniors and Active Living • Manitoba Indigenous and Northern Relations • Manitoba Justice • Manitoba Sustainable Development / Francophone Affairs / Status of Women