Policy Development, Research and Evaluation

HCM knowledge Action Cycle

HCM Knowlege-Action Cycle

Overview of the Healthy Child Manitoba Provincial Evaluation Strategy
HCMO Policy Development, Research and Evaluation (PDRE) staff lead the HCM Provincial Evaluation Strategy, working with cross-sectoral partners to (a) inform and support HCCC policy accountability, and (b) build capacity for research and evaluation, through all stages: consultation, evaluation framework development, evaluation implementation, and community knowledge exchange.

Five Year Status Report on Children in Manitoba
Section 15(1) of the Healthy Child Manitoba Act states ‘At least once every five years, the Healthy Child Manitoba Office must give the minister a report on the status of Manitoba's children in relation to achieving the outcomes of the Healthy Child Manitoba strategy. ‘   The inaugural Five Year Status report will provide information on the four goals of Healthy Child Manitoba:  ‘To their fullest potential, Manitoba's children will be:

  • physically and emotionally healthy
  • safe and secure
  • successful at learning
  • socially engaged and responsible

HCMO’s first Five Year report was completed in 2012.

A partnership of:

Manitoba Education and Training • Manitoba Families • Manitoba Health, Seniors and Active Living • Manitoba Indigenous and Northern Relations • Manitoba Justice • Manitoba Sustainable Development / Francophone Affairs / Status of Women