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Healthy Schools

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Healthy Food in Schools

School Breakfast, Lunch and Snack Programs

Moving Forward with School Nutrition Guidelines

Moving Forward with School Nutrition GuidelinesIn 2006 the Manitoba government released "Manitoba School Nutrition Handbook: Getting Started with Guidelines and Policies". This document replaces the guidelines in the 2006 document. It is divided into six areas of focus where schools often provide food for students and is designed to assist schools as they make plans to improve school nutrition environments in

Child Nutrition Council of Manitoba

Child Nutrition Council of Manitoba
Every Child.. Every Day.. Well Nourished!

The Child Nutrition Council of Manitoba (CNCM) is a charitable organization dedicated to helping school children learn, grow, and succeed by supporting breakfast, snack and lunch programs. The work of the Council complements the goals of the Manitoba Government's Healthy Schools initiative; to create school environments that enhance the healthy development of children and their families by working in partnership with community resources and service providers.

The Manitoba Council on Child Nutrition was established as a non-profit organization in 2001. Since then the Council has supported nutrition programs and raised awareness about nutrition issues and the need for food and nutrition policies in schools. They have helped guide decision-makers in developing food and health policies, becoming a recognized voice for issues regarding nutrition programs for school-age children in Manitoba.      

With funding from the Province of Manitoba, The Winnipeg Foundation through the Moffat Family Fund, and individual donors, the Council currently supports over 230 school and community-based breakfast, snack, and lunch programs. These programs reach over 21,000 children and youth annually all across Manitoba. All schools in the province are given the opportunity to apply for a Nutrition Program Grant, which are allocated on an annual basis.

The application deadline for the 2016-2017 school year is April 15, 2016. 

For further information regarding grant criteria and eligibility, please visit

Visit the website to find further information related to:

  • CNCM Board and Team
  • Annual Events
  • Annual Reports
  • Nutrition Projects
  • Support for existing Breakfast, Lunch and Snack programs:
  • Information for starting a new Breakfast, Lunch or Snack program
  • Information on how to get involved with the Council

Follow the Child Nutrition Council on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for more information and to share ideas with other programs!

Case Studies

Strathcona Community School

Strathcona Community School is an inner-city school in the North End of Winnipeg, Manitoba. The Patrol Lunch and Home Meal Project has been running since December 2006, and predominantly targets the patrols of the school. The patrols make up a group of about 21 students responsible for helping fellow students across busy traffic intersections, and ensuring their safety. They also help other students in the school during the lunch hour.

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