Manitoba Healthy Schools

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Our Healthy School Story

We often hear about all the wonderful things that schools are doing to promote health. Therefore, we would like to provide you with an opportunity to tell us about your Healthy School.

We are looking for successful, fun and unique Healthy School stories/activities that you are willing to share with us as well as with other school communities across Manitoba.

The story/activity can be community, division, school, or classroom based - It can involve students, parents, teacher, whomever - It can be a game, event, experience, lesson idea, program, committee, anything - If it helps promote a Healthy School environment or curriculum instruction, we want to hear about it!

(For an electronic version of the form below, please click here.)

General Information

    Name of School/Division/Regional Health Authority

    Contact Name

    Phone Number

    E-mail Address

Are you a (check one that best describes you)

    Health Care Provider
    Other, please specify

Permission to use material on the Manitoba Healthy Schools website or in print


Permission to include contact information on the Manitoba Healthy Schools website or in print:


If yes, please check off the information you give permission to include (select all that apply)

    Name of School
    Contact Name
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Permission to use photographs on the Manitoba Healthy Schools website or in print

Please provide digital photographs if available! If pictures include students, parental consent is required. If your contribution is selected for use, we will ask you to approve the final material before it is posted on the website or printing.


If you approve the use of your digital photographs, please email them to us here.
Title/Name of story/activity

Health Topics - physical activity, healthy eating, mental health, injury prevention, etc.


Individuals Involved (positions, not names) - principal, student, parent, classroom teacher, PE/HE teacher, public health nurse, community member, etc.


Target Group - parents, students, teachers, etc.


What factors were instrumental to your success? Committee/team involvement, assessment, administrative support, parent involvement, funding, etc.


Tell us about your healthy school story/activity. Include: how you did it, what made you decide to take action, what impact it has had on your target group, and what the process was for achieving it. Add any other important aspects you can think of.


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