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Trade Show Booths B1 - B57: Trade Show Booths
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Technical Exhibit Tables T1 - T28: Technical Exhibit Tables
Property Showcase Table P1 - P20: Property Showcase Tables
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B22 - Pilot Diamond Tools Ltd. B37 - West End Radiators B1 - Government of Nunavut B3 - Best Western Thompson Hotel and Suites B49 - ALS B21 - Provincial Helicopters Ltd. P21 - Paul Personius B43 - TSL Laboratories B2 - Ontario Ministry of Northern Development and Mines B17 - Reflex Instrument NA B19 - Epiroc Customer Center B26 - Cantherm Distributors B33 - The Northern Miner B34 - Helicopter Transport Services B35 - Ontario Ministry of Northern Development and Mines B48 - MMD Mineral Sizing (Canada) Inc. B57 - JCV Mechanical Inc. B44 - Orix Geoscience B36 - Abitibi Geophysics B23 - Rodren Drilling Ltd. B12 - North Fringe Industrial Technologies B11 - Hudbay B6 - Activation Laboratories Ltd. (ACTLABS) B5 - Wings Over Kississing B4 - Town of Snow Lake B7 - Custom Helicopters Ltd. B30 - Superior Propane B40 - North/South Consultants Inc. B52 - Frontier Power Products Ltd. B31 - Prairie Helicopters Inc. B8 - Calm Air International LP B29 - Far Resources B9 - Allbutt Mining Supplies Ltd. B15 - Mid-Canada Forestry & Mining Magazine B42 - IRL Supplies B10 - Technosub B45 - Del Communications Inc. B28 - Mining Association of Manitoba Inc. (MAMI)B46 - Multi-Power Products Ltd. B56 - Canada North Environmental Services B41 - Klondex Mines Inc. B47 - Prairie Mobile Communications B39 - Resource Development, Manitoba Geological Survey P5 - Klyne Exploration P6 - Manitoba Prospectors and Developers Association P11 - Yamana Gold Inc. P12 - Yamana Gold Inc. P9 - Rockcliff Metals Corporation P18 - Harold Westdal P19 - Bill Hood B38 - SGS Canada Inc. P17 - Tudale Exploration Ltd. B32 - Altius Minerals Corporation P14 - Strider Resources Limited P15 - Bird River Resources Inc. P4 - Gossan Resources Limited P7 - Endowment Lakes (2002) Ltd. P3 - NorCanGeo P13 - Callinex Mines Inc. P1 - Copper Reef Mining Corp. P2 - M'Ore Exploration Services Ltd. T1: Brandon University Geology Field School T2: Brandon University Geology T3: Northern Manitoba Mining Academy T4: University of Manitoba: Theses and Technical Reports T5: University of Manitoba: Theses and Technical Reports T6: Integrated 3D Modelling and Geophysical Imaging of the Lalor VMS Deposit, Manitoba, Canada by E. Schetselaar, J. Craven, G. Bellefleur and S. Masoud Ansari (Geological Survey of Canada) T7: Geology of the Exposed Basement in the Reed Lake Area, Flin Flon Belt, West-Central Manitoba (Part of NTS 63K9, 10, 15, 16) by S. Gagné, E.C. Syme, S.D. Anderson and A.H. Bailes (Manitoba Geological Survey) T8: Sub-Phanerozoic Geology of the Reed Lake Area, Flin Flon Belt, West-Central Manitoba (Part of NTS 63K7, 8, 9, 10) by S. Gagné (Manitoba Geological Survey) T9: New Perspectives on the Mineral Potential of the Reed and Wekusko Lake Areas, North-Central Manitoba (Parts of NTS 63K and 63J) by K.D. Reid and S. Gagné (Manitoba Geological Survey) T10: Geology of Diamond Occurrences at Southern Knee Lake, Manitoba (NTS 53L14, 15) by S.D. Anderson (Manitoba Geological Survey) T11: Reconnaissance Work at Reekie Lake in the Munro Lake Greenstone Belt, Superior Province, Central Manitoba by C.G. Couëslan (Manitoba Geological Survey) T12: Evaluation of Diamond-Drill Core from the Tower Cu-Zn-Ag-Au Deposit, Sub-Phanerozoic Thompson Nickel Belt, Central Manitoba by C.G. Couëslan (Manitoba Geological Survey) T13: Prehnite-Pumpellyite– to Amphibolite-Facies Metamorphism in the Athapapuskow Lake Area, West-Central Manitoba (Part of NTS 63K12, 13) by M. Lazzarotto, D.R.M. Pattison (University of Calgary) and S. Gagné (Manitoba Geological Survey) T14: The Role of the Host Rock in the Formation of the Rice Lake Gold Deposits and Implications for Improved Exploration in the Area by D. Lyle (Brandon University) T15: Update on Investigations of Industrial Mineral Commodities: Gypsum and High-Purity Silica Sand by K. Lapenskie (Manitoba Geological Survey) T16: New Occurrences of Carbonate-Hosted Pb-Zn Mineralization in Manitoba: Implications for Mississippi Valley–Type Deposit Potential by K. Lapenskie and M.P.B. Nicolas (Manitoba Geological Survey) T17: Lithium in Groundwater in Sedimentary Rocks, Southwestern Manitoba by M.P.B. Nicolas (Manitoba Geological Survey) T18: Whole-Rock and Mineral Geochemistry as Exploration Tools for Rare-Element Pegmatite in Manitoba: Examples from the Cat Lake–Winnipeg River and Wekusko Lake Pegmatite Fields by T. Martins  (Manitoba Geological Survey), R.L. Linnen (Western University), M.A.F. Fedikow (Mount Morgan Resources) and J. Singh (Orix Geoscience Inc.) T19: Preliminary Results of Bedrock Mapping in the Wasekwan Lake Area, Lynn Lake Greenstone Belt, Northwestern Manitoba (Parts of NTS 64C10, 15) by X.M. Yang and C.J. Beaumont-Smith (Manitoba Geological Survey) T20: Preliminary Till Sampling and Ice-Flow Mapping Between Leaf Rapids, Lynn Lake and Kinoosao, Northwest Manitoba by M.S. Gauthier and T.J. Hodder (Manitoba Geological Survey) T21: Drift Exploration Techniques in the Gillam Area - Year 4 (NTS 54D, 54C) by M.S. Gauthier, T.J. Hodder (Manitoba Geological Survey), S.E. Kelley, Y. Wang and M. Ross (University of Waterloo) T22: Recent Kimberlite-Indicator Mineral Results and Sampling in Northern Manitoba by T.J. Hodder, M.S. Gauthier, C.O.  Böhm (Manitoba Geological Survey) and  S.E. Kelley (University of Waterloo) T23: Quaternary Stratigraphy and Till Composition in the Hayes River Area by T.J. Hodder and M.S. Gauthier (Manitoba Geological Survey) T24: The Kaskattama Highland: Till Composition and Indications of a New Precambrian Inlier in the Hudson Bay Lowland by T.J. Hodder, M.S. Gauthier (Manitoba Geological Survey), S.E. Kelley and M. Ross (University of Waterloo) T25: Magnetotelluric Imaging of the Kaskattama Highland and Underlying Hudson Bay Basin and Precambrian Terranes: Field Survey and Preliminary Results by I. Ferguson, N. Clark, T. Zaporozan (University of Manitoba), J. Craven, B. Roberts (Geological Survey of Canada), T.J. Hodder and M.P.B. Nicolas (Manitoba Geological Survey) T26: Geological Compilation of the Fox River Belt, Manitoba by M.L. Rinne (Manitoba Geological Survey) P16 - Klyne Exploration P8 - SRM Ltd. P10 - Minnova Corp. P20 - Sedley Turner and Alvin Ferland


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