Report of Activities 2004

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Chapters by Areas:

Flin Flon - Snow Lake
Lynn Lake - Leaf Rapids
Superior Boundary Zone, Thompson Nickel Belt
Far North
Southeastern Manitoba
South-central Manitoba
Manitoba General

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Flin Flon - Snow Lake

GS-1 (12.8 MB)
Geological investigations in the northern Flin Flon Belt, Manitoba (parts of NTS 63K13NE and 63K14NW)
by H.P. Gilbert

GS-2 (7.5 MB)
Physical description of the 1920 member, Hidden formation, Flin Flon, Manitoba (NTS 63K16SW)
by Y.M. DeWolfe and H.L. Gibson

GS-3 (1.3 MB)
Geological investigations of the platinum group element potential of the Chisel Lake mafic-ultramafic intrusion and other targets in the Flin Flon Belt, Manitoba (parts of NTS 63K16)
by P. Theyer and A.E. Stansell

GS-4 (2.9 MB)
Evaluation of an electromagnetic conductor at Reed Lake, Manitoba, using Enzyme LeachSM analyses of peat bog and lake sediment (NTS 63K10)
by G.H. Gale

GS-5 (177 KB)
Activities of the Manitoba Geological Survey’s Flin Flon regional office
by T.H. Heine

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Lynn Lake - Leaf Rapids

GS-6 (7.7 MB)
Structural analysis of the Lynn Lake greenstone belt, Manitoba (NTS 64C10, 11, 12, 14, 15 and 16)
by C.J. Beaumont-Smith and C.O. Böhm

GS-7 (26.7 MB)
Eden deformation corridor and polymetallic mineral belt, Trans-Hudson Orogen, Leaf Rapids area, Manitoba (NTS 64B and 64C)
by A.H. Mumin and L. Corriveau

GS-8 (4.1 MB)
Enzyme LeachSM and Terrasol LeachSM studies of soils at the MacLellan Au-Ag deposit, Lynn Lake, Manitoba (NTS 64C15)
by G.H. Gale, P. Pawliw and G.T. Hill

GS-9 (3.2 MB)
Rock and spruce-bark analyses in the vicinity of a zone of ‘barren sulphide’: implications for exploration of the Sheila-Margaret lakes area, Lynn Lake, Manitoba (NTS 64C14)
by G.H. Gale

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Superior Boundary Zone, Thompson Nickel Belt

GS-10 (961 KB)
Northern extension of the Thompson Nickel Belt, Manitoba (NTS 64A3 and 4)
by H.V. Zwanzig and C.O. Böhm

GS-11 (4.2 MB)
Pikwitonei–Snow Lake, Manitoba transect (parts of NTS 63J, 63O and 63P), Trans-Hudson Orogen–Superior Margin Metallotect Project: initial geological, isotopic and SHRIMP U-Pb results
by J.A. Percival, J.B. Whalen and N. Rayner

GS-12 (5.8 MB)
Thompson Nickel Belt Project, Manitoba (part of NTS 63P): geology of the South pit, Thompson mine
by J.J. Macek, C.R. McGregor and H.V. Zwanzig

GS-13 (3.9 MB)
Mafic-ultramafic magmatism of the Bah Lake assemblage, Ospwagan Group, Upper Ospwagan Lake, Manitoba (NTS 63O9)
by H.V. Zwanzig

GS-14 (4.1 MB)
Preliminary geochemical and isotopic results from the Gull Rapids area of the eastern Split Lake Block, northwestern Superior Province, Manitoba (parts of NTS 54D5 and 6)
by M.S. Bowerman, C.O. Böhm, R.P. Hartlaub, L.M. Heaman and R.A. Creaser

GS-15 (9.7 MB)
New insights into the structural geology and timing of deformation at the Superior craton margin, Gull Rapids, Manitoba (NTS 54D6)
by M.W. Downey, S. Lin and C.O. Böhm

GS-16 (4.7 MB)
Archean and Paleoproterozoic geology of the northwestern Split Lake Block, Superior Province, Manitoba (parts of NTS 54D4, 5, 6 and 64A1)
by R.P. Hartlaub, C.O. Böhm, Y.D. Kuiper, M.S. Bowerman and L.M. Heaman

GS-17 (3.1 MB)
Structural geology of Assean Lake, Manitoba (NTS 64A1, 2 and 8)
by Y.D. Kuiper, S. Lin, C.O. Böhm and M.T. Corkery

GS-18 (4.3 MB)
Structural geology of the Aiken River deformation zone, Manitoba (NTS 64A1 and 2)
by Y.D. Kuiper, S. Lin, C.O. Böhm and M.T. Corkery

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Far North

GS-19 (2.3 MB)
Preliminary Sm-Nd isotope results from granitoid samples from the Nejanilini granulite domain, north of Seal River, Manitoba (NTS 64P)
by C.O. Böhm, M.T. Corkery and R.A. Creaser

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Southeastern Manitoba

GS-20 (7.8 MB)
Preliminary results and economic significance of geological mapping and structural analysis in the Rice Lake area, central Rice Lake greenstone belt, Manitoba (NTS 52M4 and 52L13)
by S.D. Anderson

GS-21 (3.6 MB)
Platinum group element investigations in the area of the Mayville igneous complex, Manitoba (NTS 52L12): exploiting palladium’s mobility using humus samples
by P. Theyer

GS-22 (5.4 MB)
Investigation of spruce bark and soil geochemistry at the Poundmaker Au deposit, Bissett, Manitoba (NTS 52M4)
by G.H. Gale and N. Yavorskaya

GS-23 (722 KB)
Initial collection of dendrohydrological records to study drought in the Winnipeg River basin, Manitoba
by S. St. George

GS-24 (992 KB)
Phytoremediation and revegetation of mine tailings and bio-ore production: progress report on plant growth in amended tailings and metal accumulation in seedlings planted at Central Manitoba (Au) minesite (NTS 52L13)
by S. Renault, C. Szczerski, E. Sailerova and M.A.F. Fedikow

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South-central Manitoba

GS-25 (3.9 MB)
Targeted Geoscience Initiative II – Williston Basin architecture and hydrocarbon potential in southwestern Manitoba and southeastern Saskatchewan: an update
by R.K. Bezys, B. Beauchamp, L.K. Kreis, C.D. Martiniuk, M. Nicolas and S. Whittaker

GS-26 (3.8 MB)
A possible new Mississippi Valley–type mineral occurrence near Pemmican Island in the north basin of Lake Winnipegosis, Manitoba (NTS 63B12 and 13, 63C9 and 16)
by J.D. Bamburak and K. Klyne

GS-27 (11.3 MB)
Study of the surface karst and related features in the Limestone Bay Component of the proposed Manitoba Lowlands national park, Manitoba (NTS 63G6, 11 and 14) — preliminary results
by A.J. Kobylecki and D.J. Bogdan

GS-28 (1.6 MB)
Quaternary mapping progress in southern Manitoba Phanerozoic terrane: 2-D and 3-D
by G.L.D. Matile, G.R. Keller and L.H. Thorleifson

GS-29 (2.4 MB)
Aggregate resources in the Rural Municipality of Grahamdale, Manitoba (NTS 62I13, 62J16, 62O1, 2, 7, 8, 9, 10, 15, 16 and 62P4)
by H.D. Groom

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Manitoba General

GS-30 (4.3 MB)
Kimberlite potential in Manitoba: an update
by E.C. Syme, R.K. Bezys, D.J. Bogdan, C.O. Böhm, C.A. Kaszycki, G.R. Keller, P.G. Lenton and G.L.D. Matile

GS-31 (305 KB)
The Manitoba Kimberlite Indicator Mineral Database: an update
by G.R. Keller and D.J. Bogdan

GS-32 (178 KB)
Manitoba’s Precambrian Drillcore Libraries Program
by D.E. Prouse


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