Report of Activities 2009

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Chapters by Areas:

Flin Flon–Snow Lake
Kisseynew Domain
Lynn Lake–Leaf Rapids
Superior Boundary Zone, Thompson Nickel Belt
Southeastern Manitoba
Far North
Southern Manitoba

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Flin Flon–Snow Lake

GS-1 (15.5 MB)
Highlights of the new 1:10 000 scale geology map of the Flin Flon area, Manitoba and Saskatchewan (part of NTS 63K12, 13)
by R-L. Simard and K. MacLachlan

GS-2 (11.9 MB)
Toward a new sub-Phanerozoic Precambrian basement map of the Flin Flon Belt, Manitoba
(parts of NTS 63J, K, L)

by R-L. Simard and C.R. McGregor

GS-3 (8.9 MB)
Stratigraphy and structural geology of the structural hangingwall to the hostrocks of the Schist Lake and Mandy volcanogenic massive sulphide deposits, Flin Flon, Manitoba (part of NTS 63K12)
by Y. M. DeWolfe

GS-4 (9.6 MB)
Preliminary results from a stratigraphic and structural investigation of the Trout Lake volcanogenic massive sulphide deposit, Flin Flon, Manitoba (part of NTS 63K13)
by J.C. Ordóñez-Calderón, B. Lafrance, H.L. Gibson, T. Schwartz and S.J. Pehrsson

GS-5 (4.8 MB)
Northern Flin Flon Belt, Manitoba: geological compilation progress report (part of NTS 63K13, 14)
by H.P. Gilbert

GS-6 (7.4 MB)
Geological investigation of the McLeod Road–Birch Lake allochthon east of Snow Lake, Manitoba (part of NTS 63J13)
by S. Gagné

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Kisseynew Domain

GS-7 (10 MB)
Geology of the Notigi–Wapisu lakes area, Kisseynew Domain, Manitoba (parts of NTS 63O14, 64B3)
by L.A. Murphy, H.V. Zwanzig and N. Rayner
MGS Data Repository Item DRI2009005 contains the data or other information sources used to compile this report. (Excel file, 750 KB)

GS-8 (4.3 MB)
Geometry and history of the Notigi Lake structure (parts of NTS 63O14 and 63B3)
by H.V. Zwanzig and L.A. Murphy

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Lynn Lake–Leaf Rapids

GS-9 (11.7 MB)
New results from geological mapping in the west-central and northeastern portions of Southern Indian Lake, Manitoba (parts of NTS 64G1, 2, 8, 64H4, 5)
by P.D. Kremer, N. Rayner and M.T. Corkery

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Superior Boundary Zone, Thompson Nickel Belt

GS-10 (46.4 MB)
Progress report of geological mapping at Paint Lake, Manitoba (parts of NTS 63O8, 9, 63P5, 12)
by C.G. Couëslan

GS-11 (3 MB)
Evidence for carbonatite magmatism at Paint Lake, Manitoba (parts of NTS 63O8, 63P5, 12)
by A.R. Chakhmouradian, C.G. Couëslan and E.P. Reguir

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Southeastern Manitoba

GS-12 (15.1 MB)
Natural revegetation of Gunnar minesite, Manitoba (NTS 52L14)
by I. Young, C. Sczserski, J. Newdiuk, J. Markham and S. Renault

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Far North

GS-13 (11.6 MB)
Far North Geomapping Initiative: geological investigations in the Great Island area, Manitoba (parts of NTS 54L13, 54M4, 64I15, 16, 64P1, 2)
by S.D. Anderson, C.O. Böhm, E.C. Syme, A.R. Carlson and L.A. Murphy

GS-14 (6.1 MB)
Manitoba Far North Geomapping Initiative: field reconnaissance of surficial sediments, glacial landforms and ice-flow indicators, Great Island and Kellas Lake areas, Manitoba (NTS 54L, 64I, P)
by M.T. Trommelen and M. Ross

GS-15 (9.7 MB)
Sayisi Dene Mapping Initiative, Tadoule Lake area, Manitoba (part of NTS 64J9, 10, 15, 16)
by L.A. Murphy and A.R. Carlson

GS-16 (4.3 MB)
Hudson Bay and Foxe Basins Project: introduction to the Geo-mapping for Energy and Minerals, GEM–Energy initiative, northeastern Manitoba (parts of NTS 54)
by M.P.B. Nicolas and D. Lavoie

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Southern Manitoba

GS-17 (13.4 MB)
Geochemistry and mineralogy of Cretaceous shale, Manitoba (parts of NTS 62C, F, G, H, J, K, N): preliminary results
by M.P.B. Nicolas and J.D. Bamburak
MGS Data Repository Item DRI2009003 contains the data or other information sources used to compile this report. (Excel file, 718 KB)
MGS Data Repository Item DRI2009004 contains the data or other information sources used to compile this report. (Excel file, 694 KB)

GS-18 (41.3 MB)
Water and gas chemistry of Cretaceous shale aquifers and gas reservoirs of the Pembina Hills area, Manitoba (parts of NTS 62G)
by M.P.B. Nicolas and S.E. Grasby
MGS Data Repository Item DRI2009002 contains the data or other information sources used to compile this report. (Excel file, 674 KB)

GS-19 (401 KB)
Revisions to the Cretaceous stratigraphic nomenclature of southwest Manitoba (parts of NTS 62F, G, H, J, K, N, O, 63C, F)
by J.D. Bamburak and M.P.B. Nicolas

GS-20 (13.4 MB)
Preliminary results of soil geochemistry surveys in support of shallow gas exploration, Manitou area, Manitoba (NTS 62G2)
by M.A.F. Fedikow, R.K. Bezys, M.P.B. Nicolas and P. Prince

GS-21 (8.7 MB)
Progress in three-dimensional geological mapping in Manitoba and the eastern Prairies
by G.R. Keller, G.L.D. Matile and L.H. Thorleifson


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