Report of Activities 2015

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Superior Province
Trans-Hudson Orogen

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Superior Province

GS-1 (6 MB)
Preliminary results of bedrock mapping at southern Knee Lake, northwestern Superior province, Manitoba (parts of NTS 53L14, 15)
by S.D. Anderson, E.C. Syme, M.T. Corkery, A.H. Bailes and S. Lin

GS-2 (13 MB)
Preliminary results from bedrock mapping in the southern and central Cauchon Lake area, eastern margin of the Pikwitonei granulite domain, central Manitoba (parts of NTS 63P7, 8)
by C.G. Couëslan and V.E. Guevara

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Trans-Hudson Orogen

GS-3 (9 MB)
Examination of exploration drillcore from the Reed Lake area, Flin Flon belt, west-central Manitoba (parts of NTS 63K9, 10): implications for the stratigraphy of the Fourmile Island assemblage and setting of VMS deposits
by S. Gagné

GS-4 (9 MB)
Geological investigations of the Keewatin River area, Lynn Lake greenstone belt, northwestern Manitoba (parts of NTS 64C14, 15)
by X.M. Yang and C.J. Beaumont-Smith

GS-5 (7 MB)
Granitoid rocks in the Lynn Lake region, northwestern Manitoba: preliminary results of reconnaissance mapping and sampling
by X.M. Yang and C.J. Beaumont-Smith

GS-6 (9 MB)
Geological mapping in the northern basin of Southern Indian Lake, north-central Manitoba (parts of NTS 64G7, 8, 9, 10)
by T. Martins

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GS-7 (4 MB)
Lineament mapping of the Hudson Bay Lowland using remote-sensing methods, northeastern Manitoba (parts of NTS 53N, O, 54)
by M.P.B. Nicolas and B.W. Clayton

GS-8 (1 MB)
Potash deposits in the Devonian Prairie Evaporite, southwestern Manitoba (parts of NTS 62F, K)
by M.P.B. Nicolas

GS-9 (4 MB)
Preliminary results from geological investigations into gypsum, Harcus area, southwestern Manitoba (NTS 62J10)
by K. Lapenskie and J.D. Bamburak

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GS-10 (7 MB)
Quaternary geology of the Arden NTS area (62J6), southwestern Manitoba
by T.J. Hodder and M.S. Trommelen
MGS Data Repository Item DRI2016003 is supplementary to this report. (Excel file)
NOTE: DRI2016003 was rereleased with corrected KIM classification (March, 2017).

GS-11 (6 MB)
Ice-flow mapping and till sampling in the northern area of Southern Indian Lake, north-central Manitoba (parts of NTS 64G7–10)
by T.J. Hodder

GS-12 (5 MB)
Preliminary Quaternary geology in the Gillam area, northeastern Manitoba – year 3 (parts of NTS 54D5–9, 11, 54C12)
by S.E. Kelley, T.J. Hodder, Y. Wang, M.S. Trommelen and M. Ross

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GS-13 (925 KB)
Roadside geology of southern Manitoba
by J.D. Bamburak and J.M. Pacey


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