Report of Activities 1998

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Flin Flon - Snow Lake District
Thompson Nickel Belt and Superior Boundary Zone
Lynn Lake District
Northern Superior
Southeast Manitoba
Southern Manitoba
Manitoba General

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Introductory Summary by C.A. Kaszycki (66 KB)


Flin Flon - Snow Lake District

GS-1 (.pdf 4.2 MB)
Geology and geochemistry of Paleoproterozoic volcanic rocks between the Mcleod Road and Birch Lake faults, Snow Lake area, Flin Flon Belt (parts of NTS 63K/16 and 63J/13)
by A.H. Bailes and D.C.P. Schledewitz

GS-2 (.pdf 1.9 MB)
Squall Lake project: geology and mineralization in the area of Snow Lake and Squall Lake (NTS 63K/16NE)
by D.C.P. Schledewitz

GS-3 (.pdf 1 MB)
Geochemistry of Paleoproterozoic volcanic rocks in the Lac Aimée area, Flin Flon Belt (parts of NTS 63K/13SE and 63K/14SW)
by H.P. Gilbert

GS-4 (.pdf 61 KB)
Photo Lake Mine archive project (NTS 63K/16SE)
by T.H. Heine and D. Prouse

GS-5 (.pdf 463 KB)
Paleomagnetic data from the Big Island gneiss dome at Kississing Lake (NTS 63N/3)
by D.T.A. Symons and M.J. Harris

GS-6 (.pdf 176 KB)
How an orogen became a craton: thermochronology of the Trans-Hudson Orogen, Canada
by M.E. Bickford, K.C. Condie, M. Heizler, S.A. Kelley, and J.F. Lewry


Thompson Nickel Belt and Superior Boundary Zone

GS-7 (.pdf 253 KB)
The Thompson Nickel Belt project: an update (parts of NTS 63J, 63O, 63P)
by D.C. Peck

GS-8 (.pdf 1.6 MB)
Thompson Nickel Belt project: progress on a new compilation map of the Thompson Nickel Belt (parts of NTS 63J, 63O, 63P)
by J.J. Macek and C.R. McGregor

GS-9 (.pdf 131 KB)
Thompson Nickel Belt project: petrographic and chemical characterization of major lithologies (parts of NTS 63J, 63O, 63P)
by C.R. McGregor

GS-10 (.pdf 554 KB)
Structural mapping of the Setting Lake area (parts of NTS 63J/15 and 63O/1, 2)
by H.V. Zwanzig

GS-11 (.pdf 128 KB)
Stratigraphic studies on Upper and Lower Ospawagan lakes, Thompson Nickel Belt (parts of NTS 63O/9)
by P. Theyer and C.C. Freund

GS-12 (.pdf 5.2 MB)
Petrogenetic and metallogenic significance of mafic-ultramafic dykes and volcanic sequences in the Thompson Nickel Belt: preliminary results (parts of NTS 63J, 63O, and 63P)
by D.C. Peck, D. Layton-Matthews, C. Chandler, C. Freund and L.M. Heaman

GS-13 (.pdf 3.2 MB)
Geology of the Natawahunan lake area (part of NTS 63P/11)
by Ch.O. Böhm

GS-14 (.pdf 3.5 MB)
Structural investigation of the Thompson Mine south pit, Thompson Nickel Belt (part of NTS 63P/13)
by J. Kraus, D.C. Peck and W. Bleeker

GS-15 (.pdf 224 KB)
Tectonic analysis of the accretion of the Trans-Hudson Orogen to the Superior Craton from paleomagnetism with geobarometric corrections
by M.J. Harris, D.T.A. Symons, W.H. Blackburn, D.C. Peck and A. Turek

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Lynn Lake District

GS-16 (.pdf 3.3 MB)
Reconnaissance structural studies of Au metallotects in the Lynn Lake greenstone belt (parts of NTS 63C/10, C/11, C/15)
by D.C. Peck, S. Lin, K. Atkin, and A.M. Eastwood

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Northern Superior

GS-17 (.pdf 2.7 MB)
Operation Superior: multimedia geochemical surveys in the Knife Lake, Webber Lake, Goose Lake and Echimamish River greenstone belts, northern Superior Province, Manitoba (NTS 53L and 53K)
by M.A.F. Fedikow and E. Nielsen

GS-18 (.pdf 8.5 MB)
Geological investigation in the Island Lake greenstone belt, northwestern Superior Province, Manitoba (parts of NTS 53E/15 & 16)
by S. Lin, H.D.M. Cameron, E.C. Syme and F. Corfu

GS-19 (.pdf 333 KB)
Geological investigations in the Knee Lake area, northern Superior Province (parts of NTS 53L/15 and 53M/2)
by E.C. Syme, M.T. Corkery, S. Lin, T. Skulski and D. Jiang

GS-20 (.pdf 5.4 MB)
Structural study in the southern Knee Lake area, northwestern Superior Province, Manitoba (part of NTS 53L/15)
by S. Lin, D. Jiang, E.C. Syme, M.T. Corkery and A.H. Bailes

GS-21 (.pdf 1.7 MB)
Geology of the Edmund Lake area (NTS 53K/11NW),
by M.T. Corkery and L.M. Heaman

GS-22 (.pdf 1.6 MB)
Geology of the Little Stull Lake area (part of NTS 63K/10 and 7)
by M.T. Corkery and T. Skulski

GS-23 (.pdf 2.4 MB)
A preliminary structural analysis of the Edmund Lake - Little Stull Lake area, northwestern Superior Province, Manitoba (part of NTS 63K/10, 11 and 7)
by D. Jiang and M.T. Corkery

GS-24 (.pdf 4.7 MB)
New insights into the petrogenesis of the Pipestone Lake anorthosite complex and its Ti-V-Fe oxide deposits (parts of NTS 63I/5 and I/12)
by D.C. Peck, C. Messing, N.M. Halden and C. Chandler

GS-25 (.pdf 953 KB)
Geochemical characteristics and preliminary U-Pb zircon age of Proterozoic mafic dykes from the eastern part of the Carrot River greenstone belt (part of NTS 63I/16)
by D.C. Peck and L.M. Heaman

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Southeast Manitoba

GS-26 (.pdf 373 KB)
Geochemical sampling of the Bidou Lake supgroup of the Rice Lake greenstone belt
by A.H. Bailes

GS-27 (.pdf 2.7 MB)
PGE-copper-nickel potential of mafic-ultramafic intrusions in the Bird River greenstone belt (parts of NTS 52L)
by D.C. Peck and P. Theyer

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Southern Manitoba

GS-28 (.pdf 9.2 MB)
Geology of the Winnipeg region NATMAP project (NTS 62H/W, 62I and 52L/W)
by G.L.D. Matile, L.H. Thorleifson, N. Grant, A. Burt, and J. Mann

GS-29 (.pdf 8.5 MB)
Hydrogeology and hydrogeochemistry of the Red River Valley/Interlake region of Manitoba (NTS 62H, 62I, 62O, 62P and 63B)
by L.H. Thorleifson, R. Betcher, J. Birks, D. Boyle, A. Cherry, I. Clark, A. Desbarats, T. Edwards, D. Farrell, S. Grasby, M. Hinton, C. Kaszycki, P. Kennedy, M. Leybourne, W. McDougall, W.D. McRitchie, K. Osadetz, V. Remenda, F. Render, S. Ryan, and A. Woodbury

GS-30 (.pdf 2.8 MB)
Red River flooding: evolutionary geomorphic trends and evidence for major floods in recent centuries (NTS 62H/W)
by H. Thorleifson, G. Brooks, I. Hanuta, S. Kroker, G. Matile, E. Nielsen, C. Prévost
and W. Rannie

GS-31 (.pdf 156 KB)
Status of the Lake Winnipeg Project (NTS 62I, 62P, 63A, 63B, 63G and 63H)
by H. Thorleifson, T. Anderson, R. Betcher, R. Bezys, W. Buhay, S. Burbidge, D. Cobb, N. Courtier, J. Doering, G. Fisher-Smith, D. Forbes, W. Franzin, K. Friesen, D. Frobel, D. Fuchs, C. Gibson, P. Henderson, K. Jarrett, T. James, J. King, H. Kling, A. Lambert, W. Last, M. Lewis, L. Lockhart, G. Matile, T. McKinnon, K. Moran, E. Nielsen, S. Pullan, F. Rack, J. Risberg, C. Rodrigues, A. Salki, C. Schröder-Adams, M. Stainton, A. Telka, B. Todd, R. Vance and W. Weber

GS-32 (.pdf 65 KB)
The Manitoba Stratigraphic map series (Paleozoic and Mesozoic maps) and the Manitoba Stratigraphic Database: new and previously released subsurface geological data
by G.G. Conley and R.K. Bezys

GS-33 (.pdf 1.4 MB)
Assessment of aggregate potential in selected wildlife management areas
by H.D. Groom

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Manitoba General

GS-34 (.pdf 53 KB)
Geoscience Information Services projects
by P.G. Lenton


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