Report of Activities 1999

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Flin Flon - Snow Lake
Thompson Nickel Belt, Superior Boundary Zone, Fox River Belt
Lynn Lake
Northern Superior
Southeast Manitoba
Southern Manitoba
Manitoba General

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Flin Flon - Snow Lake

GS-01 (.pdf 562 KB)
Geology of Paleoproterozoic volcanic rocks in the Squall-Varnson Lakes area, Snow Lake, Flin Flon Belt (NTS 63K/16)
by A.H. Bailes and D.C.P. Schledewitz

GS-02 (.pdf 223 KB)
The application of rare earth element analyses in the exploration for volcanogenic massive suphide type deposits in Manitoba
by G.H. Gale and M.A.F. Fedikow


Thompson Nickel Belt, Superior Boundary Zone, Fox River Belt

GS-3 (.pdf 223 KB)
The Thompson Nickel Belt project : synopsis of activities (Parts of NTS 63J, 63O, 63P)
by D.C. Peck

GS-4 (.pdf 126 KB)
The Thompson Nickel Belt project : progress on a new compilation map of the Thompson Nickel Belt (parts of NTS 63G, 63J, 63O, 63P)
by J.J. Macek, H.V. Zwanzig and C.R. McGregor

GS-5 (.pdf 2 MB)
Thompson Nickel Belt Project: retrieval of the diamond drill core from Falconbridge's Bucko exploration site near Wabowden (parts of NTS 63J, 63O and 63P)
by J. J. Macek, E.B. Ducharme, C. Lettley and C.R. McGregor

GS-6 (.pdf 1.6 MB)
Mapping in the Setting Lake area (parts of NTS 63J/15, 63O/1, 63O/2)
by H.V. Zwanzig

GS-7 (.pdf 369 KB)
Geological investigations in the Mystery Lake area, Thompson Nickel Belt (NTS 63P/13)
by P. Theyer, D.C. Peck and C. Freund

GS-8 (.pdf 853 KB)
Tectonic history of the waning stages of the Trans-Hudson Orogen: paleomagnetic data for the 1836 Ma Mystery Lake pluton from the Superior Boundary Zone (NTS 63P/13)
by M.J. Harris, D.T.A. Symons, D.C. Peck, A. Turek and W.H. Blackburn

GS-9 (.pdf 2.3 MB)
Structure of Ospwagan Group turbidite at Setting Lake (NTS 63O/2)
by E.B. Ducharme and H.V. Zwanzig

GS-10 (.pdf 483 KB)
Bear Island mafic dyke (parts of NTS 63J/16)
by E.B. Ducharme

GS-11 (.pdf 356 KB)
Progress report on the northwest Superior Province boundary project
by M.T. Corkery, Ch. Böhm and L.M. Heaman

GS-12 (.pdf 286 KB)
The Fox River Belt Project (parts of NTS 53M/16 and 53N/13)
by D.C. Peck, L. Hulbert, R.F.J. Scoates, E.C. Syme and P. Theyer

GS-13 (.pdf 1.9 MB)
Lithostratigraphic framework for PGE-Cu-Ni sulphide mineralization in the Marginal Zone of the Fox River Sill (parts of NTS 53M/16 and 53N/13)
by D.C. Peck, M. Huminicki, C. Wegleitner, P. Theyer, K. Olshefsky, L. Potter, L. Hulbert and R.F.J. Scoates

GS-14 (.pdf 5.9 MB)
Volcanic stratigraphy of selected sections on the Fox and Stupart rivers, Fox River Belt (parts of NTS 53M/16 and 53N/13)
by E.C. Syme, D.C. Peck and C. Wegleitner

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Lynn Lake

GS-15 (.pdf 2.5 MB)
Preliminary structural analysis and gold metallogeny of the Johnson Shear Zone, Lynn Lake greenstone belt (parts of NTS 64C/10, 11, 15)
by C.J. Beaumont-Smith and D.M. Rogge

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Northern Superior

GS-16 (.pdf 472 KB)
Operation Superior: multimedia geochemical surveys in the Knee Lake greenstone belt, northern Superior Province, Manitoba (NTS 53L)
by M.A.F. Fedikow and E. Nielsen

GS-17 (.pdf 258 KB)
Western Superior NATMAP: exploring the evolution of Archean continental and oceanic domains
by J.A. Percival, J.L. Brown, M.T. Corkery, J. Devaney, B. Dubé, V. McNicoll, J.R. Parker, N. Rogers, M. Sanborn-Barrie, C. Sasseville, T. Skulski, D. Stone, G.M. Stott, E.C. Syme, P.C. Thurston, K.Y. Tomlinson and J.B. Whalen

GS-18 (.pdf 1.9 MB)
Geological investigations in the Gods Lake Narrows area (parts of NTS 53L/9 and 53L/10)
by M.T. Corkery, S. Lin, A.H. Bailes and E.C. Syme

GS-19 (.pdf 840 KB)
Structural study in the southeastern part of the Cross Lake greenstone belt, northwestern Superior Province, Manitoba
by A.C. Parmenter, S. Lin and M.T. Corkery

GS-20 (.pdf 4 MB)
Southeast Max Lake area (parts of NTS 53L/5NW and 12SW)
by H.P. Gilbert

GS-21 (.pdf 1 MB)
Summary of metallogenetic and petrogenetic features of Archean anorthosites and associated mafic and ultramafic rocks in the Superior Province, Manitoba (parts of NTS 63I, 63J, 63P and 64A)
by D.C. Peck, N.M. Halden, S. Jobin-Bevans, H.D.M. Cameron and P. Theyer

GS-22 (.pdf 1.4 MB)
Field, geochemical and geochronological studies of Paleoproterozoic mafic and ultramafic dykes in the northwestern Superior Province (parts of NTS 63I, 63J and 63P)
by D.C. Peck, N.M. Halden, L.M. Heaman, M.T. Corkery, H.D.M. Cameron and K. Toope

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Southeast Manitoba

GS-23 (.pdf 531 KB)
Geochemical sampling and geological reconnaissance of the western Rice Lake greenstone belt
by A.H. Bailes

GS-24 (.pdf 405 KB)
Field and lithogeochemical investigations of mafic and ultramafic rocks and associated Cu-Ni-PGE mineralization in the Bird River greenstone belt (parts of NTS 52L)
by D.C. Peck, P. Theyer, A.H. Bailes and J. Chornoby

GS-25 (.pdf 475 KB)
Reassessment of major geologic boundaries in the southeast Rice Lake greenstone belt (NTS 52L/14)
by M.T. Corkery

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Southern Manitoba

GS-26 (.pdf 42 KB)
Geology of the Winnipeg Region NATMAP Project (NTS 62H/W, 62I and 52L/W)
by G.L.D. Matile, L.H. Thorleifson, N. Grant, A. Burt and J. Mann

GS-27 (.pdf 233 KB)
Industrial minerals investigations and corehole drilling program 1999
by J.D. Bamburak and R.K. Bezys

GS-28 (.pdf 529 KB)
Cretaceous black shale investigations in the northern part of the Manitoba Escarpment (parts of NTS 62J/W, 62K/N, 62N/E and 63C/W)
by J.D. Bamburak

GS-29 (.pdf 228 KB)
Updating aggregate maps in R.M. of Ochre River and the capital region
by H.D. Groom

GS-30 (.pdf 39 KB)
Products of the Manitoba Stratigraphic Database, 1999
by G.G. Conley

GS-31 (.pdf 267 KB)
Tree rings into the next millennium!
by S. St. George, E. Nielsen and G. Brooks

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Manitoba General

GS-32 (.pdf 18 KB)
Geoscience Information Services projects
by P.G. Lenton

GS-33 (.pdf 39 KB)
Manitoba's Protected Areas Initiative: an assessment of mineral potential in selected areas of special interest
by P.D. Leskiw



Publications: Preliminary Maps, Publications released and External Publications (.pdf 36 KB)


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