Manitoba Exploration Activity Tracker
Manitoba Exploration Activity

Companies with Manitoba-based exploration projects

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Agrium Inc.
Akuna Minerals Inc.
Alamos Gold Inc.
Alexandria Minerals Corporation
Alix Resources Corp.
Altius Minerals Corporation
Alto Ventures
Ashburton Ventures Inc.
AuRico Gold Inc.
Azincourt Energy Corp.
BacTech Environmental Corporation
Bandera Gold Ltd.
BHP Billiton
Bison Gold Resources Inc.
BWR Exploration Inc.
Callinex Mines Inc.
Canadian International Minerals
CanAlaska Uranium Ltd.
Canasia Industries Corporation
CaNickel Mining Limited
Castle Silver Resources Inc.
Copper Reef Mining Corporation
Corazon Mining Limited
Far Resources Ltd.
Gossan Resources Limited
Halo Resources Ltd.
Harvest Gold Corporation
HudBay Minerals Inc.
Jiminex Inc.
Klondex Mines Ltd.
Lico Energy Metals Inc.
Manitor Minerals
Minnova Corp.
Mustang Minerals Corp.
New Age Metals Inc.
Northern Uranium Corp
Pure Nickel Inc.
Quantum Minerals Corp.
Quantum Resources Limited
Rockcliff Metals Corporation
Royal Nickel Corporation
Satori Resources Inc.
StrikePoint Gold Inc.
Tantalum Mining Corporation of Canada Ltd.
Trevali Mining Corporation
Troymet Exploration Corp.
Victory Nickel Inc.
Westcore Energy Ltd.
Wolfden Resources Corporation
Yamana Gold Inc.