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Calcium Bentonite


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Click to enlarge image of Calcium bentonite outcrop near Morden-Miami area

Calcium bentonite outcrop near Morden-Miami area

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Manitoba escarpment


Pembina Mountain Clays Incorporated quarried, the only non-swelling calcium bentonite in Canada, at 21 sites in the Morden-Miami area from 1939 to 1990. The bentonite was processed at plants in Morden and Winnipeg. New quarry sites could be identified on Crown and privately held mineral lands with a reasonable amount of exploration activity.

Pembina Mountain produced natural and acid-activated non-swelling calcium bentonite. Twelve grades of bentonite were sold in dry powder form primarily to vegetable oil refineries in Alberta and Ontario, where it was used as a bleaching agent to decolourize the oils. It was also used to refine waste mineral oil and tallow soaps. A small amount of kitty litter was also produced for local consumption. Currently, all natural and acid-activated non-swelling calcium bentonite used in Manitoba is imported from the southern U.S.

Bird River Resources Inc. is currently investigating the potential for non-swelling calcium bentonite production in the Miami area, near Deerwood, Manitoba. Stripping of overburden and the overlying Millwood Member of the Cretaceous Pierre Shale has been carried out in a test pit. Thin beds of bentonite have been exposed within the enclosing black shales of the Pembina Member.


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