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Exploration Permits - 1995 compared to 2001

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In 1996, the Manitoba Government began a five-year program to collect rock, till, b-horizon, humus and vegetation samples for multi-element geochemical analysis as part of Operation Superior to assist in mineral resource assessment in the northern Superior Province of Manitoba.

The helicopter- and fixed wing-assisted multimedia geochemical sampling included a kimberlite indicator mineral survey based upon 25 kg bulk till samples. MONOPROS Ltd. processed the samples for indicator minerals. The results of the program have been published annually. The results of the 1999 work have documented that trace element geochemical responses and the abundances of kimberlite indicator elements are greatest in dolomite-enriched till samples collected from the northern portion of the study area (Fedikow et al, 2000).

A comparison of Multimedia Geochemical Surveys from 1996 to 2001 (67 KB)

Manitoba's Diamond Exploration Strategy, including the Kimberlite Indicator Mineral Database

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