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High-purity Dolomite and Dolime


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Click to enlarge image of Dolomite quarry at Stonewall, Manitoba

Dolomite quarry at Stonewall, Manitoba

Click to enlarge image of Dolomite quarry wall near Inwood, MB

Dolomite quarry wall near Inwood, MB

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Dolomite occurrences


Extensive resources of high-purity dolomite (21.6% MgO with less than 1% residue) are indicated in the central Interlake area of the Province within the Ordovician/Silurian Stonewall Formation and the overlying Silurian Interlake Group.

The Winnipeg Supply and Fuel Company, Limited (1882 to 1968) produced dolomitic lime and crushed dolomite at Stonewall from local quarries in the Ordovician Stonewall Formation, which operated from 1880 to 1965; and from the Gunton Member of the Stony Mountain Formation Lillies Farm (Gillies) quarry until 1967.

Drilling, near Sandridge (north of Inwood), 80 km north of Winnipeg, by the Manitoba Government indicated that a geological resource of 67 million tonnes of dolomite averaging 21.6% MgO with less than 0.23% residue is present within the Silurian Fisher Branch Formation (Bamburak and Gale, 1993).

Gossan Resources Limited acquired the rights to the deposit and in 2003 completed 5 additional drillholes. In 2006, detailed drilling of 27 holes totalling 496.2 m was carried out in SW10-19-1W, at a grid spacing of 200 x 200 m over an area of about 80 hectares (Gossan Resources Limited, News Release 06-09)

Hazen Research Inc. of Golden Colorado produced a billet of commercial grade magnesium metal (99.2% Mg) using the Magnetherm process on an Inwood dolomite sample. The Hazen report indicated that 94.6% of the magnesium could be recovered from the dolomite. Ballain Consulting of Colville, Washington confirmed the suitability of the dolomite for magnesium metal processing (Gossan Resources Limited, Annual Report, 1998). Additional testing was carried out in 2003 and 2005.


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