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Ilmenite and Magnetite


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Ilmenite and Magnetite outcrop

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Gossan Resources Limited (50%) and Cross Lake Mineral Exploration Inc. (50%) have outlined by drilling 243 million tonnes of mineralization containing 9.28% ilmenite, 23.6% magnetite and 0.28% vanadium pentoxide to a depth of 300 m, open at both ends at Pipestone Lake. The mineralization is within the main central and disseminated zones of the 730 million tonne deposit, which averages 70.74 m (true width), 6325 m in length (Gossan Resources Limited, Annual Report, 1998).

The companies have carried out the necessary mineralogical, milling and furnace work to prepare for the economic separation of the minerals from Pipestone Lake. Potential products would be titanium dioxide for paint and paper industries and magnetite and vanadium pentoxide for steel-making (Gossan Resources Limited, Annual Report, 1999).

Drilling by Gossan at Kiskitto Lake, 50 km to the southeast, penetrated a 100+ m wide zone of titanium-vanadium-iron mineralization. The zones, 2-4 km in length, carried 1-5% TiO2, with occasional 6-7 m wide intervals of 5-7% TiO2 (Gossan Resources Limited, Annual Report, 1998).

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