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High Calcium Lime and Limestone


High calcium limestone is produced from ancient shallow water marine sediments that are almost totally made up of fossil skeletons. Limestone has been quarried since 1969 near Faulkner, Manitoba, 230 kilometers north of Winnipeg. The limestone is calcined or burned in a kiln to produce the chemical "lime". Lime has been produced adjacent to the Faulkner quarry since 1976. In the fall of 1987, a new calcium carbonate (ultra pure limestone) plant was constructed by Graymont Western Canada Inc. adjacent to the lime plant.


High-calcium limestone (CaCO3) occurs in the Devonian Elm Point Formation.


High-calcium Lime is often referred to as the "versatile chemical". Lime or calcium carbonate is used across a variety of consumer and industrial sectors. Lime supplies the Plastics, Rubber, Paints, Paper, Printing, Adhesives, Cosmetics, Dentifrices, Detergents, and Pharmaceuticals. Each of these industries and processes demand customized grades of calcium carbonate.

In Manitoba Graymont, produces lime that is used for the steel industry, the pulp and paper industry, steel processing and for municipal water treatment. Calcium carbonate is produced for livestock industry and supplements feed.


High-calcium limestone is mined from a large open quarry by blasting and removal by front-end loaders in trucks.


Graymont has a Lime Plant adjacent to the quarry near Faulkner about 230 north of Winnipeg. In 1987 a calcium carbonate plant was built beside the lime plant.


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