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Potash samples


Potash is contained within the Devonian Prairie Evaporite; and two deposits are located south of Russell, along the Saskatchewan border. The potash deposits, composed a mixture of sylvite and halite, with minor carnallite and less than 1% green clay, are one of the "cleanest" in western Canada (Bannatyne, 1971). A 1987 comprehensive feasibility study of the Manitoba Potash Project concluded that probable mineable ore reserves are 164.7 million tonnes grading 24.5% K2O (as sylvite) at a depth of 852 m (Canamax Resources Inc., Annual Report, 1988).

South of the Manitoba Potash Project, Prairie Potash Mines Limited drilled 15 test holes between August 1964 and March 1966. Mineable reserves were estimated at 168.7 million tonnes averaging 21.7% K2O (as sylvite) over an average thickness of 2.2 m (Augustus Mines Limited, Annual Report, 1966).

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