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Deposits & Occurrences 2006 - Precambrian

Rare Earths


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Rare earth outcrop

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Eden Lake location


Strider Resources Limited has identified heavy and light rare earths at Eden Lake, near Lynn Lake in a syenite intrusive complex. The 1 km long lineament contains very anomalous amounts of yttrium, cerium, neodynmium, lanthanum, dysprosium, erbium, ytterbium and lutetium. In addition, stringer, late pegmatite sweats contain fluorine, apatite and britholite. Analyses of a 16 kg sample containing 8% britholite, by Lakefield Research, indicated that the ore does beneficiate well, resulting in 9.2% cerium, 5.3% neodymium, and 3.3% lanthanum concentrate. Mill tests proved that a viable concentrate could be produced from a stringer of britholite ore located near the north end of the lineament.

A new heavy rare earth occurrence, occurring in late, thin shears, subparallel to the major adjacent N-S, drift covered, lineament, has been located 1 km to the south of the main showing.


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