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Geological Highway Map of Manitoba


Project Information

Principal investigators:
Michelle P.B. Nicolas, Paul Lenton (retired), Jim Bamburak, Paul Kremer, Michelle Gauthier, Sharon Lee, Len Chackowsky, Greg Keller, Mark Pacey

All of Manitoba


Project Description

Main objectives:

The overall objective of this project to update the Geological Highway Map to a scale of 1:1M, with polygon information detailed to 1:250k.


  • Update bedrock geology map to a scale of 1:250 000.
  • Compile surficial mapping layers.
  • Acquire and compile digital photographic and video information for inclusion in digital version of map.
  • Publish maps in paper and digital forms.
  • Create dedicated website to host digital information database and all related publication products.



This project addresses the needed and much demanded update of a new geological highway map of the province. The target audience is the general public and will increase the importance of geology and natural resources.


Plans for fiscal year 2016-2017:

  • Acquire and compile digital photographic and video information of places of geological interest in the province.
  • Continue Precambrian bedrock compilation maps at 1:250 000 scale.
  • Create simplified geological base map at 1:1 000 000 scale.
  • Write text and create graphics for use as marginal notes with map.


Completed outputs:


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