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Lithium in Manitoba

Project Information

Principal investigators:
Tania Martins and Michelle Nicolas

Partnered with:

Regional scale


Project Description

Main objectives:

The purpose of this project is to highlight Manitoba’s lithium potential which can attract new exploration companies to the province.

The objectives of this project are to:

  1. Compile the already known lithium assets in Manitoba (e.g. Li-bearing pegmatites),
  2. Identify new potential lithium targets in Precambrian rocks, and
  3. Investigate the potential for deep Phanerozoic lithium brines in the Williston Basin.


  • Review and compile all historic occurrences of lithium in pegmatites and deep brines.
  • Field site visits in areas of active lithium exploration, including Far Resources’ Zoro1 property, Wekusko Lake; Ashburton’s Violet-Thompson/Thompson Bros pegmatite, Wekusko Lake; and Tanco mine, Bernic Lake.
  • Compile historical water and chemical analyses from petroleum technical wells files and groundwater data.
  • Sample and conduct geochemical analyses on brines from brine springs and well heads (tentative)..



This project will investigate the lithium potential of the province and provide much needed information on the various lithium occurrences in Manitoba in both Precambrian rocks and deep Phanerozoic brines. This will create new exploration targets and attract junior companies interested in this emerging and high-demand commodity.


Plans for fiscal year 2017-2018:

Literature and archive file review and compilation of existing data for both Precambrian rock occurrences, deep Phanerozoic brines, and all other types of deposits (clays, for example).

  • Visit exploration sites of different companies active in the province at the present time.
  • Visit to sites to collect brine samples from well heads and brine springs (tentative).
  • Lithogeochemical analyses, as required.
  • Electron microprobe work, as required.
  • Contribution to Report of Activities.
  • Oral presentation at Manitoba Mining and Minerals Convention.


Completed outputs:


Release of "Lithium in Manitoba" under the Mineral Commodities in Manitoba series

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