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Geological compilation of the Fox River Belt


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Principal investigators:
Marc Rinne

Partnered with:

NTS 54B,D, 53M,N,O


Project Description

Main objectives:

The aims of this compilation are:

  1. Produce a revised geological map of the Fox River Belt (FRB), including major domain boundaries;
  2. Provide an updated emplacement history and stratigraphic summary of the FRB, supported with new U-Pb geochronology and Sm-Nd isotope geochemistry;
  3. Investigate broad relationships between the FRB and other rock suites, particularly the Thompson Nickel Belt; and
  4. Inform exploration targeting Ni-Cu-PGE(±Cr) and Cu-Zn-Pb(±Au,Ag) resources in the Superior Boundary Zone.


Many sources of data will be compiled to produce an up-to-date map and genetic model for the Fox River Belt. Geological boundaries will be updated on the basis of all available data, including airborne magnetic surveys and various drill core data. New and existing geochemical data will be applied to constrain the tectonic setting and stratigraphic evolution of the belt, and to investigate genetic relationships with the Thompson Nickel Belt. Sm-Nd and various U-Pb geochronology techniques will be applied to key units, including samples from the upper and lower sedimentary formations, and from the amphibolite currently grouped as part of the Split Lake Block.



A new geological compilation of the Fox River Belt – including an up-to-date geological map, genetic model, and a well-documented assessment of relationships with the Thompson Nickel Belt – may inform future mineral exploration in the region. This compilation may be used to inform land use planning of the Keewatin Tribal Council and associated communities.


Plans for fiscal year 2017-2018:

  • Continue drill core compilation
  • Sample, photograph, and document selected 13- and 38-series drill core (Nov 2016 - January 2017)
  • Collect and submit samples for U-Pb geochronological analyses


Completed outputs:


Rinne, M.L. 2016: Geological compilation of the Fox River belt, Manitoba; Manitoba Growth, Enterprise and Trade, Manitoba Geological Survey, Manitoba Mining and Minerals Convention 2016, Winnipeg, Manitoba, November 16–18, 2016, poster presentation.

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