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Southwest Manitoba


Surficial geology mapping in the Pilot Mound-Morden area

Project Information

Principal investigators:
Tyler Hodder, Michelle Gauthier

Partnered with:

Pilot Mound, NTS 62G2
Morden, NTS 62G1


Project Description

Main objectives:

To provide a new, detailed surficial geology map of the Pilot Mound and Morden NTS map sheets. Quaternary sediments will be sampled to better understand the glacial history in this region of southern Manitoba.  


  • Conduct fieldwork to map the distribution of surficial sediments.
  • Sampling of till for characterization.
  • Sampling of organic matter for radiocarbon dating.
  • Air photo interpretation of the surficial geology.



Detailed mapping of the surficial geology aids in infrastructure and agriculture planning, highlights prospective aggregate resources and provides a framework for understanding the hydrogeology of the region.


Plans for fiscal year 2018-2019:

  • Preparation of two 1:50 000 scale surficial geology maps.
  • Preparation of an Open File publication.


Completed outputs:


Hodder, T.J. and Gauthier, M.S. 2016: Quaternary geology of the Morden and Pilot Mound NTS areas (62G1, 2), south-central Manitoba; in Report of Activities 2016, Manitoba Growth Enterprise and Trade, Manitoba Geological Survey, p. 203–211.

Hodder, T. J. and Gauthier, M. S. 2016: Quaternary Geology of the Pembina Valley Area (NTS 62G1, 62G2); Manitoba Growth, Enterprise and Trade, Manitoba Geological Survey, Manitoba Mining and Minerals Convention 2016, Winnipeg, Manitoba, November 16–18, 2016, poster presentation.

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