Preliminary Exploration Database for Platinum Group Elements (PGE) in Manitoba

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Data Sources

Principal data sources for the occurrences contained in this report include:

  • Hulbert et al. (2000), Theyer (1980), Athayde (1989), Fedikow et. al. (1998),
  • the Manitoba Mineral Inventory Cards,
  • numerous Manitoba Mines Branch non-confidential assessment file records,
  • selected Manitoba Geological Survey Mineral Deposit Series reports, and numerous Manitoba Geological Survey and Geological Survey of Canada maps and reports.

Neither the bibliographic references nor the open assessment file numbers provided for most of the records are intended as a comprehensive reference list, but should give the reader a starting point when searching for relevant publications and exploration data.

We have attempted to provide a thorough review of available assessment file records and mineral occurrence data for most of the intrusions falling in the northern part of the Superior Province.

Given time constraints, it was not possible to complete a comprehensive survey for occurrences in the Trans-Hudson Orogen or in southeastern Manitoba. Some information contained in this report has not been previously published, including field records provided directly by geological staff of the Manitoba Geological Survey.

It is anticipated that this database product will be updated at regular intervals, with a final release of the current report in 2001. The final report will provide a more comprehensive review of assessment file and geological records and a thorough analysis of the available geochemical data contained in this preliminary release of the database.

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