Preliminary Exploration Database for Platinum Group Elements (PGE) in Manitoba

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PGE Index Map #1

  • The pge geological index map #1 shows the locations and reference identification number of all the occurrences contained in the main report database.
  • To access the PGE Database you must download the of2000-5.pdf file.
  • The reference identification number (two or three-digit number given for each location) is a unique value for each occurrence that is also given in the upper right-hand corner on the first page of each occurrence description (Ref ID.) in the text portion of the database.
  • Use the occurrence hyperlinks that are set-up on the index map in of2000-5.pdf to move between this map and the main report database. The map is modified from the Bedrock Geology of Manitoba file contained in Viljoen et al. (1999).
  • We have also provided two non-linked index maps which can also be downloaded from the ftp site. Reminder: the single index maps are not linked to the main database. Map #1 is the main pge occurence map and is the first page of the report in of2000-5.pdf and Map #2 is a topographic map which shows the red occurrence dots, as well as the names of lakes, towns, cities, railways and roads.


The thumbnail below leads to a close-up of an area in the north eastern part of Manitoba.

OF2000-5 map thumbnail

Go to the report release page for more information on the contents of the CD-ROM.

A ZIP file containing the contents of the CD-ROM is available to download free of charge.


Sample Location Maps (not linked to the database):

Top left index map
Top right index map
Middle lefta index map
Middle righta index map
Middle leftb index map
Middle rightb index map
Lower index map of S. MB

Geological Legend:

Mineral Colour Code a
Mineral Colour Code b
Mineral Colour Code c
Mineral Colour Code d
Mineral Colour Code e
Mineral Colour Code f

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