Preliminary Exploration Database for Platinum Group Elements (PGE) in Manitoba

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How to View the Database

To review the Platinum-group report database:

  1. download all the report files of2000-5.pdf (7428 KB)

  2. simply open the index map (of2000-5.pdf) file with the Adobe® Acrobat Reader® or in your browser and

  3. use a mouse to activate the hyperlink on a selected reference identification number (Ref. ID. in the database) for the occurrence you wish to view.

  4. The hyperlinks will call up the related database record for the selected occurrence.

  5. Use the "back" icon button (top of Acrobat Reader window) to return to the index map.

It is intended that the final release of this report will include a fully-searchable database and a derived geographic information system (GIS) project file.


Missing or Blank Records

For many of the poorly-documented occurrences, several fields have been omitted from the database records in the interest of minimizing the size of the main database for printing purposes. Missing fields or blank records indicate that the information required was either not available or has not yet been compiled.


Errors or Omissions

Anyone finding errors or omissions in the report is asked to contact the Manitoba Geological Survey. If you find any other areas please contact our web coordinator.

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