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Manitoba Geological Survey Staff Directory

Branch Sections:

Mineral Deposits
Precambrian Geoscience
Sedimentary Geoscience
Geoscience Data Management Group
Midland Rock Preparation and Storage


Alisa Ramrattan, A/Director, Manitoba Geological Survey


Mineral Deposits

Scott Anderson, Chief Geologist - Superior and Hearne cratons; orogenic gold deposits
Simon Gagné, Geologist - Flin Flon belt; volcanogenic massive sulphide and orogenic gold deposits
Kyle Reid, Geologist - Trans-Hudson orogen; volcanogenic massive sulphide and uranium deposits
Marc Rinne, Geologist - Superior craton and Fox River belt; magmatic nickel, volcanogenic massive sulphide and intrusion-related deposits
Eric Yang, Geologist - Superior craton and Trans-Hudson orogen; intrusion-related and magmatic nickel deposits


Precambrian Geoscience

Christian Böhm, Chief Geologist - Superior and Hearne cratons; geoscience collaborations, land-use planning
Chris Couëslan, Geologist - Superior craton and Thompson nickel belt; high-grade gneiss terranes
Tania Martins, Geologist - Trans-Hudson orogen and Superior craton; intrusion-related rare-metal deposits


Sedimentary Geoscience

Michelle Nicolas, Chief Geologist - Williston and Hudson Bay basins; petroleum geology and Phanerozoic stratigraphy
Michelle Gauthier, Geologist - Quaternary geology, surficial mapping
Tyler Hodder, Quaternary geology, surficial mapping, sand and gravel aggregate resources
Kathryn Lapenskie, Industrial and specialty minerals, crushed stone aggregate resources, sedimentary geology


Geoscience Data Management Group

Greg Keller, A/Manager
Len Chackowsky, GIS Specialist
Sharon Lee, GIS Specialist
Peter Leskiw, Mineral Assessment Geologist
Mark Pacey, GIS Specialist
Mark Timcoe, Cartographer


Midland Rock Preparation and Storage

Colin Epp, Technician
Neill Brandson, Field Support Manager
Eric Anderson, Storekeeper


Tomaz Booth, Library Services Coordinator
Candace Regan, Administrative Secretary

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