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Setting up Camp

In General

Just when, and how large a camp you plan to establish on the site varies from project to project. There are however acts/regulations that must be followed when establishing an industrial/exploration or construction camp. They deal with such issues as sanitary facilities, waste disposal, provision of first aid services etc.

The basic requirements are listed here, and are further complemented by the acts/regulations listed in Construction and Operations.

NOTE: A permit is needed to erect a facility on Crown land. The type and duration of the stay will dictate the type of permit required. For example, a camp to be established for less than one year can be covered by a work permit. A Crown land use permit would be necessary for longer periods of time, and for more extensive development. Any changes to the type or size of camp to be located on your exploration/development site must also be updated and approved on your work permit/Crown land use permit. In provincial parks, the location of camps and access routes must be approved through the permit process.

Camp Plan Approval

The plans and specifications for all proposed camps consisting of more than two mobile home units linked together, or any additions to an established camp must be submitted for prior approval.

Send to: Fire Commissioners Office, Manitoba Growth, Enterprise and Trade

Camp Permits

As part of this process you will also need to complete the following applications: Occupancy Permit, Building Permit and Plumbing Permit.

To Apply: All are issued by the Fire Commissioners Office.

Turnaround Time: Maximum three weeks for all permits.

Acts and Regulations

The following apply to setting up camps at your project site:

Camp/Work Permits/Forest Fire Prevention

Under the Environment Act, E125, Manitoba Regulations:

Under the Public Health Act, P210, Manitoba Regulations:

Fuel Storage

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