Mines (Regulatory)

Exploration and Mining Guide

  1. Introduction to the Guide
  2. Working Towards the Same Goals
  3. Screening Opportunities
  4. Registered for Business, Licensed to Explore
  5. Regional Exploration
  6. Land Acquisition
  7. Primary Exploration
  8. Advanced Exploration
  9. Environmental Regulations
  10. Development & Production
  11. Setting up Camp
  12. Road Work
  13. Financial Incentives
  14. Application Forms
  15. Mineral Exploration Licence Map (PDF)



The Exploration and Mining Guide was developed to help direct you through Manitoba's permitting process more quickly and easily. It outlines the permit and regulatory information necessary to move a project from regional exploration to new mine development including:

  • sections dedicated to each exploration stage, describing the permits required, contact information and expected turnaround time for each, as well as a reference list of applicable acts and regulations

  • information on the support services and technical material available at Manitoba Growth, Enterprise and Trade

  • the financial incentive programs Manitoba offers to encourage exploration and new mine development

  • application forms, specific reference material, and selected agreements covered in the guide are included where available

  • references to other provincial government departments/agencies or acts/regulations with links to web sites and corresponding documents where available.

The information presented in this guide falls under the jurisdiction of three departments:

See Working Towards the Same Goals for more information on the role each department plays in helping you move your exploration and mining project forward.

Any application listed in this guide can be filed directly with the provincial department involved.

For Your Convenience

While the guide covers the general activities that take place at each stage of exploration and new mine development, we know each project is distinct. If you are looking for specific information, use the search box found at the top of this page for quick referencing.

You will also find a list of acts and regulations relevant to the subject matter presented in each section of the guide. The Exploration and Mining Guide is designed to complement, but not replace the acts and regulations that apply to exploration, development and mining. If there is a conflict between the information presented in the guide and the acts/regulations, the latter prevails.

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