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In General

When the time comes to develop, or upgrade the road access to your exploration project there are some basic guidelines to follow.

Whether your project is located along a provincial trunk highway or a provincial road, permits are required if you plan to:

  • Build a new access driveway onto the highway/road.
  • Change an existing driveway.
  • Place any structures (including advertising signs, wells, septic fields, excavation pits, stockpiles of materials) on, under, or above the ground, or to change the use of land within a control area.
  • Relocate, rebuild, or make additions to a structure within a controlled area.
  • Place trees or plantings within 15.2 metres of the edge of a highway/road, but outside the boundaries of an incorporated city, town, village, or unincorporated village district.
  • Discharge water, or other liquid materials into a ditch along a departmental road.

Check Your Location

Provincial trunk highways (those routes marked PTH #1-110) are the responsibility of the Highway Traffic Board, an agency of Infrastructure and Transportation.

To apply for any required permits contact the Highway Traffic Board. Phone 945-8912.

Turnaround Time: Four - five calendar weeks.

Provincial roads

(those routes marked #200-600) are the responsibility of Infrastructure and Transportation.

To apply for any required permits contact Infrastructure and Transportation.

Turnaround Time: Four - five calendar weeks.

For Further Guidelines

These two categories generally cover those roads involved in exploration and mining projects. If you need further direction on the guidelines or information on a specific route, contact the Department of Infrastructure and Transportation at 204-945-5658.

If you are working in a Conservation area, a work permit for road upgrades or new construction is required. Your first contact should be the closest Sustainable Development district/regional office.

Additional Information:

The Highway Traffic Board has published a booklet outlining the new Advertising Sign Policy. These guidelines can also be applied to provincial roads.

Related Acts and Regulations

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