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Exploration and Mining Guide

Screening Opportunities

Start With Quality Information

Everything you need to develop a geological and past- exploration profile is available from the Growth, Enterprise and Trade office in Winnipeg or through the department's province-wide information network.

An equally important resource is the knowledge and expertise of the people at Growth, Enterprise and Trade in Winnipeg, or any of our regional offices. Experienced geological staff are ready to provide one-on-one consultation on all areas of the province.

The Manitoba Geological Survey staff conducts investigations on the Precambrian and younger terranes of the province.

Work includes:

  • geological mapping and compilation,
  • petrographic and structural analysis,
  • stratigraphy,
  • sedimentology,
  • volcanology,
  • geophysics,
  • geochemistry,
  • basin analysis,
  • dendrochronology,
  • dendroclimatology,
  • hydrogeology,
  • mineral deposit settings and geochemistry;
  • metallogenic analysis and
  • regional evaluations of mineral commodities.

All information and consulting services are provided in-person, by phone or the internet. Check Client Services for a quick reference to department contacts and other resources at Growth, Enterprise and Trade.

Open for Exploration

Manitoba contains large tracts of land that contain high mineral potential. Mineral exploration is encouraged and protected by government policy, practices, and regulations that address the issues of land access, stability of the permitting process and security of tenure for valid mineral dispositions and leases.

Manitoba's land use regulation provides comprehensive policy and legal protection for Manitoba's mineral resources.

The Sustainable Development Mineral Strategy (Applying Manitoba's Mineral Policies) defines the concept of sustainable development for Manitoba's mining sector and provides an approved management framework for implementation.

There are several categories of land where regulations either prohibit or allow exploration and mining on a project-by-project basis. When investigating potential exploration sites, contact the Mines Branch for assistance in screening potential land restrictions. Ensure both a secure investment and avoid discounting possible opportunities.

Here are the major categories to consider:

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